How are the people who scolded you in those years?

 How are the people who scolded you in those years?

At that time, it was because a post mocked the clothes of an artist. It happened that a friend of mine had several contacts with that artist because of his work. He spoke well of her, saying that she was modest and polite, and was a lovely girl.

So when I saw that a netizens comments were dirty and reached the level of personal attack, I couldnt help but reply, its just a strangers relationship. How can you know so much about her personality details? As a woman, why do you slander a strange girl so much? Then the girl chased me and scolded me. I felt annoyed and blackened her.

I think you can say, I just dont like who and who. She just doesnt have eye contact with me. I dont like her.. Or evaluation of a certain artists business ability is not good, modeling failure, etc., but should not be used in the case of no evidence with such malicious words personal attack.

At that time, I was curious to check the microblog of the girl who was abusive, and I wanted to know where she got so much hatred. After reading it, its just an ordinary girls microblog. She complains about the hard work of being a social animal, complaining about her tight living, chasing after plays, playing games and sharing some cosmetics she wants. Everything seems to be very normal.

Of course, from her micro blog positioning, we can see that she lives in a very far away Town, and there must be no geographical intersection with the female artists she scolded. So what she said seems to have seen some quality problems with her own eyes is certainly hearsay.

I dont quite understand why she hates a stranger so much. Its the same with me. Because of my refutation, the content of her private letter scolding me is ugly, as if there is a great hatred. As far as Im concerned, Lahai is over. It doesnt really affect my life. Im just confused whether this kind of life will be very happy.

After so many years, I found that person from the blacklist and looked at it again. After a few years, her life didnt seem to change much. Or to be sarcastic, from the material point of view, she is not very good, because the things she hopes to have in her microblog are just those that ordinary girls want to buy.

The unchanging point is that she still has a lot of emotions to vent, still spiteful.

I think maybe she never felt that there was something wrong with her, maybe she had many reasons to rationalize her behavior. Of course, no one can guarantee that if she doesnt scold on the Internet and doesnt have such a strong anger, she will surely be able to live a happy life and be satisfied with both material and spiritual aspects.

Ive searched all kinds of people Ive met before, but I really havent found one person. Im very critical of others. Im very angry. Im used to saying bad things. I can still live a good life. Such people are unlikely to be happy in their personal lives even if they have made some achievements in their career.

Maybe its because ones energy is limited. When one wastes his time paying attention to others, gossiping about others, and ridiculing others, he ignores his own progress. Maybe it is because a person has a real aura. If he is too mean, he will exude an air of arrogance and selfishness, which will make people unable to avoid. Natural popularity and career prospects will not be very good.

As an old man, I have experienced the human observation of various student gatherings. I found that no matter the primary school students, middle school students and college students, after many years, they will always be the kind of people who are gentle in nature, firm in action, and full of kindness to people and the world.

Ive never seen the world before. I have to write an article in Korea. In the future, I still try to save money and go to Europe and America to have a look. Ha ha.

In fact, the impact of this kind of message on me is old subway man looking at mobile phone. JPG. I dont understand how much happiness she will bring if she belittles me. If her happiness and sense of achievement always come from this, I feel a little pity for her.

After all, if you scold too much, that kind of anger will hurt you, just like gazing at the abyss, the abyss will stare at you.

If you happen to encounter language violence, be slandered, scolded, in violation of your interests, to refute, with a reasonable and legal way to protect rights. If you are just ridiculed by strangers like me, who have never seen the world and have no money, then pull hei and laugh it off.

Its important to focus on your life.

Time will be the most fair and just, people who love swearing always have bad luck.

Remember that!