Everyone is trying to understand the world in their own way

 Everyone is trying to understand the world in their own way

Who am I before I have been born? Who am I after I was born? Growing up is me! Who is hazy?

Emperor Shunzhis poem gives people a sense of inexplicable fear.

What is the world like after death? Im afraid no one can make it clear. Maybe thats the fear of the unknown.

About what the world is? Each of us is trying to understand in our own way.

Tell me a joke

The teacher said: about the food shortage in other countries, please talk about your own opinion.

European students ask: what is shortage?

What is food?

North Korean students asked: what is their own view?

American students ask: what are other countries?

The above joke tells us: when we make one-sided or even wrong judgments about people, things and things in the world based on incomplete information or based on our own feelings, we often form biased cognition.

There are many ways to learn about the world, including the road, the city, the people, and the interesting things.

In terms of knowledge, a question has been raised: what kind of experience is it to have been to more than 100 countries. One of the answers impressed me.

The author wrote: understand that there is no absolute right in this world, and be able to accept that others have different three views and their derived thinking methods.

In this age of prejudice, incomprehension, and even a word of disagreement, it is very important to accept that others have different views and different ways of living. The so-called well-informed is like this.

Therefore, travel thousands of miles to get wisdom.

I remember a line in the movie never see you again: you havent even seen the world. Where do you come from. World outlook is the general and fundamental view of the whole world. World outlook determines a specific persons outlook on life and values. It shows your hospitality, your bearing, your mind and ambition.

Tell me another joke. What is success

Marx asked everyone: what is success?

A said: they are highly valued by the leaders;

B said: accumulated wealth;

Ding said: established faith;

Wu said: got love;

I have said: we have trained excellent children;

Geng said: became the president;

Marx laughed: how come so many things? To see me later is success!

In fact, all people use their own understanding of the so-called success to educate others, while ignoring the meaning of life itself. There is always prejudice in everyones concept. What can be spread is often the collection of the audiences identification, which has become a stubborn label for a long time.

Everyone, with his understanding and experience, constructs his own mode of thinking, and then uses this mode of thinking to understand the world.

In fact, from a certain point of view, religion is also trying to teach people how to live, how to understand the world, and how to define phenomena that we cant explain.

Samsara and nirvana are the same as being a man and becoming a Buddha. To be a man is not a punishment, nor is it a reward to become a Buddha. Almost all of our pain comes from the moment of thinking, and our happiness lies in whether we can put it down in the next second.

The year before last, scientists discovered the earths twin planet - Kepler 452b. Its 1400 light-years away.

In this way, many people have no idea. For example, the fastest spacecraft on earth, the new horizon spacecraft, flies at a speed of 59000 kilometers per hour. If we want it to fly nonstop to Kepler 452b from now on, it will take about 27 million years to fly there, and it is only active in the Milky way. However, according to the current human exploration of the universe, there are about 200 billion galaxies like the Milky way in the whole universe, which is so vast that it is almost boundless.

And the entire history of mankind on earth is only two million years. Your understanding of the universe in your lifetime is not worth mentioning.

People always fall into this kind of thinking at an appropriate time, when you feel how small the earth is, how small human beings are, how small you are.

As Einstein said: the best thing we can experience is mystery, which is the source of all true art and science.

The most important thing is not to stop asking questions. Curiosity has its own reason. Its like everyone wants to know what the hell the world looks like after death?

Buddhism says: one flower, one world, one leaf, one Bodhi.

Woman: neat!

I think thats my right attitude towards the unknown world. Have a good weekend, everyone!