Only when you have light in your heart can you be closer to your true self

 Only when you have light in your heart can you be closer to your true self

Level two: go to the fast food restaurant alone

Level three: going to the cafe alone

Its starting to be a little awkward.

Level 4: going to the cinema alone

Fortunately, no one can see me when the lights are off.

Level 5: eating hot pot alone

The waiters eyes are a little strange.

Level 6: go to KTV alone

Level 7: go to see the sea alone

Can you be more lonely

Level 8: going to the amusement park alone

Level 9: moving

Its a little lonely

Its really miserable. Im crying

At this level, it seems that no matter what happens, you have to take care of everything, good or bad. If you cant, you should carry it. Whats wrong!

Everyone is alive, but to live is not the purpose, but to live well. It is a way for people to break away from the ignorance without thinking, because the essence of thought is anxiety.

At this age, you should have light in your heart. Gradually can understand with these uneasiness, peaceful coexistence, that is often said to hold.

They are either in the dead of night, chewing their own pain in the dark, feeling the loneliness in the deep of their soul, or in the busy market where the flow of people is endless, they can experience the lonely and lonely world is drunk and I wake up alone!

Even in the sun. They also can not feel the warmth of the sun, because they have already wrapped their hearts like cocoons. In the thick cocoons, they are sentimental, chewing their frustration again and again, and describing their own stories with words, comforting their wounds and groaning over and over again.

Therefore, I heartache their heartache, feel their loss, accompany them to immerse in the gray sky, let their soul accept the baptism of pain.

Maybe human nature is too complicated to be explained, including the fact that we cant do anything about it. Maybe when we are lonely, we are closer to our real self.

But are these all important?

As long as we can feel the stupidity of life when the flowers are in full bloom in spring, our loneliness is a cup of intoxicating wine, with the maturity and fragrance bestowed on us by years!

In more times, use our hearts to describe some sincere and beautiful feelings in the world. The tears moved will be more heartfelt and moving than the bitter ones

Loneliness is not a good thing, if you can enjoy loneliness, and lonely elegant coexistence, life will be more full of satisfaction.