Diorx nikedunklow CO exposure everyone wants

 Diorx nikedunklow CO exposure everyone wants

It has to be said that Dior team has a unique vision. After working with AJ, a popular shoe type, it will carry the most popular dunk low shoe.

The whole pair of shoes is still based on the Nike dunklow model, and the front and side of the shoes are decorated with Diors old flower patterns.

The color matching is similar to diorxaj1 before. It is mainly light gray with low saturation, supplemented by white details. It still looks good in texture and pleasant in color.

The other pair is based on black, with canvas woven into the pattern of Dior old flowers, looks more sincere than diorxaj1

After the event of Dior joining hands with the shoe industry, many luxury brands must be aiming at the shoe market. Maybe we will see more and more joint names of high luxury shoes in the future?! Look forward to it!