Fan Bingbings cover is concave, and the reptiles on her face dont care

 Fan Bingbings cover is concave, and the reptiles on her face dont care

For example, this photo taken as a cover is a simple big head photo. The lens is close to Fan Bingbings face, and there is no unnecessary ornaments. Just looking at her facial features, she feels very beautiful. Her double eyelids are really good-looking, the overall facial features combination is also very exquisite, the face shape is the standard melon seed face.

This photo is also a close-up of her face. Fan Bingbing holds a mirror by herself. She looks very charming in the mirror, and gives a kind of pitiful charm. Her big eyes and double eyelids are really suitable for Hong Kong style photography.

Fan Bingbing, wearing a simple white shirt, took a picture of her upper body. Her facial makeup was very light, but it turned out to be very beautiful. She spread her long black hair, and the wind was blowing with it. The neckline of the white shirt is very low, her white skin is revealed, sexy and charming.

In addition to the white clothes, a blue and white tight plaid skirt was selected for the Hong Kong Wind photo shoot. This kind of skirt itself is very small and fresh. Generally, young girls will feel very pure and beautiful when wearing it. Older people may feel a little tender when wearing it. However, Fan Bingbing has a good command and is not like a person who is nearly 40 years old.

She lay on the sofa with a small animal in her arms. The curve of her side face is perfect, and her arms are also very slender. Fan Bingbings beauty is worth affirming.

Fan Bingbing has been wanting to return to the tiktok for nearly two years since the negative news came out, but the results are not good. Recently, some netizens found Fan Bingbing registered a new voice, but several fans still had a lot of fans. And I dont know if its a new comeback?

Later, she began to change ways to make money, according to netizens, that is curve saving the country.. For example, taking the cover of the Malaysian version of Jiaren, although the picture looks very fuzzy, Fan Bingbings recognition is too high, still so beautiful.

For example, she also appeared on the cover of the Vietnamese version of fashion bazaar. Fan Bingbing is wearing a pink super exaggerated dress with exaggerated decorations on her head. Her face looks really small.

Although she has a lot of negative information, there is a saying that Fan Bingbings beauty and expressiveness are absolutely unique. Now that she has shot the cover of chic magazine, is it that the curve saving the country is coming to an end, and is she really ready to make a comeback in China? What do you think?

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Author: a Lu

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