Why is it hard to see such a beautiful woman in Japan?

 Why is it hard to see such a beautiful woman in Japan?

Uncle oxygen is here to talk about why it is hard to see such a beautiful woman in Japan.

Japanese aesthetic changes in recent decades

However, in the 1980s and 1990s (mainly for Japanese beauties at this stage), the styles of Japanese actresses were changeable, and girls of all ages were leading the trend.

Jingxiang gongteng

43 year old Jiyong xiaobaihe

The style of modern Japanese college girls is soft and green. But the college girls in Zhaohe era love this kind of bad culture of female students. I smoke, I drink, I skip classes, I dye my hair, but I am still a good student.

Striped sweater, V-Neck Sweater these American campus elements are often seen in young girls wear.

Even the upper class Ginza girls, dressing style is close to the 1980s American girls, neutral and tough, showing personality.

The beauty of Showa

In the old days of Zhaohe era, everyone could afford the four words can be as beautiful as a star. No matter what style of actress she is, she always takes health and brightness as the premise. Therefore, beauties are always natural, fresh and dignified.

Naomi Suzuki in Tokyo Love Story

Zhongshan xuesui in love letter

In the early years of Heisei, long vacation is also a healthy and bright style

Miyazawa Lihui is gentle and quiet, which has both the classical beauty of East Asian culture and the bright and magnificent beauty of a new era girl.

Yasukuni zekouchi is also known as the last beauty of the Showa era

Even if it is the appearance of the poor Nakasone, there is a strong contrast between the mellow timbre.

You can go and listen to Akira Nakasones difficult to break a ship

Although Zhaohe aesthetic style was born out of European and American style, it has a strong oriental flavor. The peak of Zhaohes aesthetics was in the 1980s, and in the early years of Pingcheng (1990s), there was still a strong Zhaohe style.

Japanese hippies

There are also many Japanese actresses who have left pine nut heads

The exaggerated western suit shoulder pads and accessories, with East Asian womens black hair, snow skin and red lips, has a very unusual flexible aesthetic feeling.

Behind the aesthetic changes

Compared with the popular baby voice and young age aesthetic popular nowadays, looking back at the Zhaohe era when Nakasone and others became popular, the era when womens power beauty and mellow singing led the mainstream are gone forever.

Like the decline of Hongkong beauty, the change of Japanese aesthetics is closely related to the economy. Before the bubble economy, the aesthetic is healthy and bold. After the bubble is destroyed, the aesthetic is mild and restrained.

In fact, Im a cell phone inside the modeling is quite straightforward

The whole Japanese society in the era of Showa was prosperous and full of vitality, giving people a sense of power full of vitality.

This group of advertisements of Coca Cola in Japan in 1980s can embody the spirit of Showa

Economic strength and social and cultural prosperity directly enhance the national self-confidence, and then affect the overall social aesthetic.

The reason why the era of Showa is called Japans golden age is largely due to the great progress of Showas aesthetics, the strong sunshine of men, the health and beauty of women, and the beauty of natural freshness.