Six pairs of shoes are recommended for changing direction guards!

 Six pairs of shoes are recommended for changing direction guards!

The combination of microg and HOVR materials provides excellent starting boost feedback. Although the cushioning limit is average, it is very easy to use for starting type guards.


At least from now on, the overall market feedback voice of Owen 5 is better than that of Owen 6. On the Irving 5, the air cushion configuration of the back palm which has been used for the previous generation is abandoned, and the zoomturbo air cushion with multi air chamber separation is used for the first time.

The zoomturbo unit has a very large area and balances the pressure to every area of the forefoot of the shoe. The highly praised flytrap wrapping system is used in the shoes to fully balance the packaging requirements of the shoes in the process of sports.


As Adidass first sneaker equipped with a new basketball shoe, lightstrike technology, Adidas, which makes team shoes with heart, will certainly not let people down.

As a representative of lace less shoes, the shoes are made of primeknit woven material, which brings a good wrapping feeling.

The thickness of the lightstrike in the middle sole is well arranged for a good feel of the ground. The lateral anti roll stability support module is the real selling point of this pair of shoes.

This strong structural support can form obvious ankle protection under some special environmental conditions. More than once, the backstage partner left a message to rookie Jun. this pair of shoes pulled his feet back directly when he was about to sprain.

Although it has outstanding protection of guard shoes, the price close to 1000 yuan is the reason why this pair of shoes deviates from the market.


Weishao 1 adopts the configuration of Phylon foam and full-length zoom air cushion. The air cushion is placed under the Phylon, which can not only feel the shock absorption of the air cushion, but also can not release the force during the start-up process. It has the characteristics of cushioning and site feeling.

In addition to cushioning, the biggest highlight of the whole pair of shoes is the sense of wrapping. Inner boot + lace up system + Velcro, there is no space for the foot to slide in the shoe after the laces are tied tightly; CMP integrated heel can lock the ankle to avoid ankle sprain, and the perfect package and stability can realize the locking between the foot and the shoe.


Guo Allan gave up wearing PE shoes for this pair of shoes. It can be seen that the cp11, which is called the guard God shoe, is a small partner suitable for the guard.

The unique Velcro design on the upper forms a good lock-in, which helps the shoes to bring excellent wrapping sensation; especially the skinny feet, they will definitely like the cp11 court experience very much.

As an old shoe, the price is still relatively high at this stage. The partners may avoid choosing because of the price. However, from the actual combat point of view, cp11 is absolutely impeccable.


Probounce2018 adopts the mid sole bounce cushioning technology. The design of low front and high back is very good. The forefoot is close to the ground without losing moderate cushioning. The heel is springing with soft cushioning. The moderate front and back drop makes people feel like they want to break through.

The overall weight adjustment is relatively light, the hot-melt mesh surface and forge fiber thread create excellent package, and the upper strength is also excellent.

In terms of grip, concentric circles are used, and the grip in all directions is excellent. Moreover, relying on the two concentric circles on the outside of the forefoot, it can still stop and change direction in some tricky angles.