Trumps youngest daughter appears in a sweater, weighing 200 kg

 Trumps youngest daughter appears in a sweater, weighing 200 kg

Melania is wearing a white sleeveless dress, which is Alexander McQueens new dress in spring 2020. It has a lot of messy simple strokes and looks very artistic. The dress costs $3840, or about 27000 yuan, which is quite worthy of Melanias status as first lady.

Previously, Melania was ridiculed for being too bulky in her skirt. This time, this dress is very good. The waist is decorated with a belt, which can well outline the body proportion. Moreover, the overall dress looks simple and generous, which is suitable for attending large occasions.

In addition to Melania and trump, the most popular concern should be Ivanka, but Ivanka did not attend the event, so Tiffany, the little daughter who has been neglected, became the focus.

But Tiffany seems to have picked the wrong dress this time. She was wearing a tight white T-shirt with red lines on it. Because Tiffany is not thin, she is still wearing a white tights, this color and style is particularly fat, so even if the waist is decorated with red wide stripes, she still looks very fat, like 200 kg.

Especially when she stands with others, her bloated figure looks more obvious! On the same day, Trumps son Eric and his wife, Laura, arrived at the event. Laura herself was very thin and looked even thinner in a black and white striped skirt. Tiffanys fat figure looks too obvious when shes framed with Laura.

Therefore, the slightly fat girl should pay more attention to the clothing collocation, and must choose the style of showing thin, or you may be careless, like Tiffany, and feel the weight of 200 Jin in visual effect.

In fact, Tiffany is not fat. She used to wear a pair of black tights. Standing with others, she cant feel that she is much fatter than others.

High heel boots

Tiffany is wearing a blue polka dot skirt, with her golden hair spread out and a pair of dark blue casual shoes. The whole person looks like she is protruding and backward, which gives her a feeling of fullness rather than obesity.

Take a look at the previous group photo. Tiffany is also in the same frame with Laura, and there is Ivanka, who has always been known as the perfect figure. Standing together, they cant see Tiffanys fat. They feel that their bodies are almost the same.

Therefore, the slightly fat girl still needs to pay attention to skills when choosing clothes. They can choose more dark clothes, especially black ones, which can beautify the waist and make the whole body thinner.

When you wear light color clothes, you can try to choose the one with decorative feeling. For example, although most of the color of Tiffanys dress is white, there is a wide black line in the middle, which has a good effect of trimming the waist. Moreover, the neck is also designed with black gauze, which also has a thin effect.

All in all, avoid the white tights Tiffany is wearing this time, because its so fat!

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