Kanye does not take the ordinary road, fashion charm alone

 Kanye does not take the ordinary road, fashion charm alone

As a rap singer, she has her own characteristics in the style of dressing up, and the shape created can always become the focus of the street. The same is true for Kanye, whose style will be paid attention to by the fashion circle.

Kanyes collocation concept is different, and his own charm temperament makes the shape naturally attractive. But he will also create some simple and fashionable styles, which can be easily mastered by ordinary people.

1u3001 Summer look

In some of Kanyes classic fashionable styles in summer, its still worth your reference. He can use simple style pieces to create personalized modeling, so Kanye still has his own concept in fashion charm.

For those who like hip-hop style, a classic retro character T-shirt cant be missed. In Kanyes modeling, the black-and-white gray color is very integrated, and the bright pattern is very outstanding.

Legged sports pants are also a favorite item of Mr. Kan, and the fashion flu with sports shoes is very prominent. In the street, we often see some trendy icon tucking the trouser legs into the socks, which is inseparable from the influence of Kanyes modeling.

For slightly fat men, when wearing T-shirts in summer, they can also choose the style of heavy-duty fabric like Kanye, and the version is also very suitable. In addition, pay attention to the change of hem length, so as to better maintain the proportion effect of the shape.

Compared with comfortable sports pants, overalls are also a popular match in the fashion circle. For those who like street style, it is a loss if they lack a pair of overalls.

Kanye pants pocket design is very personalized, it looks very complex, when we daily collocation, the style of work clothes pocket pants is simpler, the shape is more versatile.

It can be seen that Kanye likes these pants very much. He uses them to match T-shirts of different colors to create a distinctive style. Every style can see Kanyes fashion attitude.

Its not easy to deal with the whole body white items. If you create a sports style in summer, it will be very harmonious. If you use a pair of sports shorts with other white sports items, the overall feeling of the shape will be very good, and it can show the trend quickly.

2u3001 Autumn and winter modeling

In autumn and winter, Kanye is also very fond of sports pieces. With his dazzling coconut series sports shoes, he looks very fashionable.

Hooded sweater with sports pants is also a very common way for partners to match, but Kanye always handles more and better changes in the modeling, making the shape more attractive.

Kanyes body shape is relatively strong, plus the choice of oversize clothing, so that the appearance of sexy highlights, but also to control the overall proportion. The blue and white treatment is perfect, and the color matching of pants and shoes makes the shape more layered.

The suit style of the crew neck sweater is also very sporty. It has a good sense of comfort. The black color is versatile and fashionable. With a pair of color contrast sports shoes, the whole will not appear monotonous.

In Kanyes sports style, it is very common to fold the hem and expose the big stockings at the ankle. It is the change of these details that makes the whole more personalized and fashionable.

When matching with denim jacket, he also chooses some loose and off shoulder version, which is easier to create the charm of fashion than the regular fit style.