Hermes employees make and sell fake bags for up to 250000 yuan

 Hermes employees make and sell fake bags for up to 250000 yuan

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In the next few months, the mysterious man used plastic bags to pack some raw materials for making bags for the employee. Due to the lack of some materials, the employee wore a loose jacket to go to work every day, then secretly stole some raw materials from the Hermes workshop and hid them in his jacket. He and the mysterious man are very careful, using a disposable phone card to communicate delivery. The employee made a total of 18 bags and made a profit of 44000 euro (about 350000 yuan). Later, another herm u00e8 s employee joined in. The three of them established a black industrial chain through illegal smuggling of materials, illegal processing and sales, and made a lot of money.

As a senior craftsman of Hermes, with a high income, why should he take risks? In court, the 45 year old man lamented with regret: I just want my children to live better in order to improve their own and family lives. Hermes is a big family, but I sold it. I didnt realize that the consequences would be so serious...

According to the employees description, he worked as a leather tailoring worker at Hermes since he was 18 and has worked for 25 years. As an old employee, he didnt expect to end up late. For these illegal wealth, he did not dare to declare, nor dare to deposit in the bank, can only put in the safe at home. When police searched his home, they found leather, scrolls, documents, etc. that produced the fake bags, as well as 18700 euros in cash.

>>The counterfeiting gang has expanded from 3 to 10, including 7 original Hermes craftsmen

The Paris criminal court is expected to make a judgment on the case on September 24, according to the guardian. Hermes will demand about 2 million euros in business and reputation losses.

Court documents show that gang members have expanded from the original three to 10, including seven former Hermes craftsmen. One was responsible for providing jewelry for the fake bags, and four were leather craftsmen. They steal leather trimmings, tools, zippers from Hermes studios, and some even steal defective items, which they split up and use to make fake bags. Even serial tools were stolen from Hermes, such as the punch used to mark bags with letters indicating the year of manufacture.

How was the gang of 10 discovered? Paris police were investigating a man who had stolen hermes bags and sold them to Asia. While monitoring the mans apartment, the police overheard some conversations pointing to a secret studio making and selling fake bags, the report said. As a result, the police found the black industry chain.

>>Division of labor clear, 52 year old Cambodian woman in charge of sales

From June 24 to June 26, the gang of 10 was tried at the Paris criminal court for abusing trust, owning and selling fake and shoddy products. Prosecutors demanded that the three gang leaders be sentenced to up to four years imprisonment and fined 100000-200000 euros, as well as probation and corresponding fines for other gang members. One of the gang leaders moved to Vietnam after being charged and the court has issued an arrest warrant. At the same time, herm u00e8 ss lawyers also made a claim of 2 million euros to the counterfeiting and selling gangs.

Sandrine, a 52 year old woman from Cambodia, is in charge of selling fake bags to Asian tourists. She has lived in France since 1980, and her mission is to resell fake bags and genuine platinum bags together to customers. She told investigators that clients knew they were buying fake goods. In the eyes of her accomplices, she is a very good manager because she is outgoing and generous. The police found nearly 150000 Euro Cash in her home.

>>Sales target is sold to Asia at half price of genuine products, usually delivered in parking lot or street

According to Agence France Presse, the bags, which were secretly made from leftovers, metal parts and tools, were then sold for about 23000-32000 euros (about 180000-250000 yuan), almost half of the 44000 euro (350000 yuan) price of genuine goods in the store at that time. Between 2011 and 2014, the Gang made about 148 fake bags and sold them to Asian customers with a turnover of more than 4 million euros.

According to court documents, fake bags made by the gang are mainly sold to Asia, especially Hong Kong, China. The bags are then shipped to Asia and sold by a local woman for at least 20000 euros to the final buyer, who usually deliver them in a parking lot or on the street.

>>Fake bag platinum bag is the best-selling item, and it is the most suitable one to make quick money

Among the fake hermes bags made and sold by the criminal gang, the most popular one is Hermes platinum bag. Hermes platinum bag is the best-selling item, and its the best way to make quick money, the head of a counterfeit Gang told the court

It is reported that each of Hermess platinum bags is independently completed by Hermes craftsmen, and the year is engraved on the bag buckle. Due to the scarcity of quantity, the demand for platinum bag has been in short supply for a long time. Even though the year has passed for a long time, due to its classics and scarcity, it has a high collection value, and its appreciation space is even higher than ordinary investment.

According to the report, the platinum bag is Hermes most difficult to buy and the most value preserving bag. At Christies auction in Hong Kong, the rare alligator skin platinum bag sold for more than 300000 US dollars (about 2.12 million yuan) several times.

Hermes bags in stores

According to the report, Hermess distribution policy in Asia is one of the reasons for repeated prohibition of fake bags. In Chinas Hermes stores, if you want to buy a Hermes bag, you not only need to book, wait at least 1 to 2 years, but also often encounter hidden rules of distribution. If you want to buy a Hermes bag of 100000 yuan, you should match at least 110000 Hermes goods, including accessories such as belts and scarves. Many consumers in order to avoid excessive distribution, will choose to purchase overseas, which also let many illegal elements from the heart of the illegal.

>>The same craftsmen, suppliers and leftover materials have raised questions about whether the bags made by the same craftsmen, suppliers and scraps are genuine or fake?

Although the entire counterfeit gang may face imprisonment, many netizens dont think the bags they made are fake ones.

Many Twitter users said, Hermes craftsmen, leather provided by Hermes suppliers, stolen raw materials and even production tools were stolen from Hermes, which should be authentic...

Hermes bag

Are bags made of Hermes hardware and leather considered fake? Hermes didnt tell us why their platinum bags were original and what we did was counterfeit, Alexander, a well-known lawyer hired by the counterfeiting Gang, defended him in court. Historians say the bag was inspired by Argentinean riders bags. As like as two peas, we just shared the same inspiration and produced exactly the same package. How can you say Im making a fake?

It is reported that this is not the first time that Hermes employees have been made fake bags. As early as 2012, a case involving the fraud of Hermes with a total amount of 140 million yuan caused a sensation. A total of 12 suspects were arrested in Paris and Lyon, including two employees who had been dismissed. There were also three former employees of Hermes in 2010.

Li Zhen, editor, Guo Ji, reporter of China business daily