Its too cheap to wear. Dont wear it in summer

 Its too cheap to wear. Dont wear it in summer

The right way to wear it

In summer, we dont need too much decoration. A basic T-shirt and shirt, combined with simple and capable shorts or trousers, can make you fashionable enough, and it doesnt take much effort to match. Too much complicated design and decoration can easily give people a sense of burden.

In the summer, sisters must not miss a small white dress, such as the following dress style of small white skirt, not only can better modify the body, play a meat show thin effect, but also more elegant and intellectual, wear it on the body, instantly let the whole dress become a lot of temperament, whether it is commuter or daily, can be perfectly controlled.

Correct way to open T-shirt

In the selection of T-shirts, Troy suggested that the sisters choose some stiff and thick fabrics, because the T-shirts made of this kind of fabric will be more stylish when worn on the body, so they will be more beautiful and fashionable in summer, and they will be more versatile in daily life.

We should also try our best to be simple in T-shirt collocation. If the absolute simplicity is too boring and monotonous, we can pay more attention to the small details, such as matching some nice accessories, or directly tying the shirt with a knot, which not only makes the whole dress look fashionable but also full of sexy.

Minefield 3: dress is too loose

To tell you the truth, when we wear dresses in summer, it is really taboo that the version is too loose. Because generally speaking, our daily common loose style dress, are no waistline, no waist line dress, it is no soul, not only pressure, but also to a certain extent fat.

I found that some sisters have some misunderstandings about the loose style dress, because everyone always thinks that the looser the skirt, the more it covers the flesh. But the fact is the opposite, it will not only make you fat and short, but also make you wear a pregnant womans visual sense.

Correct opening way of dress

The correct way to open a dress is waist closing style. The dress with waist closing and high waist design below can not only better create a perfect waistline, but also visually, the proportion of the whole body is much better. No matter what size you are, you must be able to control this dress perfectly.

Its also a good choice to wear a bandage and wrap around dress with a small V-neck. The lace up design can adjust the waistline according to your own needs and body shape, and the small V-neck design can better decorate the curve, so that your neck looks more slender.

By the way, sisters in the choice of dress, do not choose too long skirt style, such as the following will cover the legs of the style, Troy many very recommend you choose, first of all, it is not daily, but it is short that is sure, so we should not try it easily.

Well, Troy talked to his sisters about the cheap clothing here. If you have stepped on any thunder in your dressing, please leave a message under the article, and well see you next time.

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