She is so bold in dressing and shows her perfect figure with a silk scarf

 She is so bold in dressing and shows her perfect figure with a silk scarf

Elegant, has always been the stage shine, sexy incomparable. But in private, she is simple and lovely. This time, she made her first set of modeling very unique. She tied a knot directly behind her back with YSLs white silk scarf to make a bra top. Although the danger coefficient is a little high, I have to admit that it is really pure desire!

The base color of white scarves directly uses the small logo of the brand as embellishment and decoration. The purity can also reflect the high-level sense of the brand. With a relatively large square silk scarf, it is folded diagonally and used as a bra, and it is directly tied with a knot on the back. It becomes a cool top that doesnt collide in summer. Its really creative and eye-catching.

Yayas second set of modeling is also supported by the brands YSL. The impression of YSL in our mind is that it is multi gold, changeable and slightly wild. It just fits in with her style. She holds YSL lipstick in her hand. She really loves her lip color and eye makeup.

Yayas suit is just in line with the popular BM style this year. It uses the super short top to match the denim trousers. This super short top is also quite ingenious. Her buttons are in the front row. I believe many girls understand it. This design can really highlight the curve.

In addition, in the shoulders, arms and waist and just the right skin, cool at the same time also show the figure, waist thin and tight lines, let girls see will fall in love with ah!

Yayas good figure is not only from the front, but also from the side, which can be reflected incisively and vividly. Looking at the next profile, she is bending over the table and playing with lipstick. Her posture is charming but not vulgar.

Its not attractive to combine the beautiful with the beautiful.

And the denim jacket on hand is believed to be an effective tool for keeping warm in the early autumn morning and evening.

It is said that South Korean wild horse is the most popular type of Chinese men in recent years, but Bamei thinks that girls also like her very much!

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