This summers ice suit is too popular

 This summers ice suit is too popular

As a serious blogger, its definitely not possible to patronize food and drink. This time, the drinks have inspired me again. Today, Id like to have a summer ice drink and have a look.

This type of light that shone in the sunlight is like the pearl eye shadow that we usually use. Blingbling makes people love and wears it. You are the pretty girl in the crowd, absorbing the eye value up to 100.

Yellow and black skin can also leave the basic colors of black, white and gray. As long as you start to dress down, you can greatly reduce the risk of blackening.

Of course, if you have a partner who is not afraid of the sun but is afraid of the heat, you can start with short sleeves at ease. Melon color belongs to the warm color system. Whether it is a solid color or a check element popular this summer, you can wear a ladys taste.

Like this kind of French style jacket, ordinary people cant move their eyes when they see it. What needs to be noted is that when selecting, dont choose too exaggerated bubble sleeves, which is easy to appear strong.

Vanilla is also milk sweet hanging, suitable for the sweet, elegant route of fairies.

The big breast fairy pursues two words: simple, complex elements, abandonment is the hard truth, the breast has butterfly design, not only can not wear lovely style, but also show fat.

Inadvertently on the majestic bitter, big chest girls must understand.

Liya wears more slim fitting styles, because I usually have the habit of sports, so I dont have any extra meat on my body. If you are overweight or loose meat type, you should avoid this kind of fat version.

Fat girls can look at the long sleeve milking skirt, loose sleeves are a sharp weapon to cover the flesh, put a strong retro style on the body, elegant and beautiful, looking like a girl in oil painting.

The ordinary umbrella skirt is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, which is very friendly to the pear shaped sister with thick legs and wide hips.

But the pleated umbrella skirt is not like this. The pleats are easy to deform and look fat. Imagine a girl with a wide crotch wearing it and opening the pleated skirt. Is it a disaster?

Mocha series is brown, regular and can be controlled by almost everyone.

I dont like to wear dark colors in summer. One reason is that dark colors are too endothermic, and they will be too hot to burn in the sun for a while. Second, they are too dull in vision, so light Mocha color has become my new favorite in summer.

As a branch of the brown department, in terms of versatility, it is no less than black and white gray, the basic color, so you dont have to worry about holding, as long as you dont have too bright color combination, there is no problem.

If you are not sensitive to the color, you dont have to worry too much. You can choose a solid color dress. The light color is quiet and gentle. Its suitable for dating.

I also understand that many girls wear dark color to show their thin. In fact, there are many ways to show thin. In addition to the color, we can start from the neckline.

Lets start with the suspender skirt. The obvious feature of this kind of skirt is that the upper body shows more flesh, which makes people unconsciously shift their attention to the shoulder and neck, setting off a good-looking shoulder and neck line.

Before I gave you Amway air shirt, received a lot of fairy messages, all said that sunscreen and comfortable, easy to wear.

It is also worth learning from different colors of the same color. You can easily create a gradual change, enrich the hierarchy, and make the whole look more delicious.

Fairies who dont know how to grasp the gradation scale can take a convenient way: it is simple and easy to match with white, and it can hardly make mistakes. This method can also be used in other color items.

Student party can match denim skirt, blue and green collision out of full of youth vitality.

The important thing is that the denim fabric is relatively hard, and the skirt is very broad and shapeless, which can hide meat very well. It will not be as tight as the ordinary hip skirt, which will cause the lower body to look very fleshy, and the pear shaped girls with thick thighs can also start.

So todays grass planting time is over. After watching the ice suit, do fairies feel fresh in front of them?

In fact, in addition to style, color selection is also very important, not only to consider their own skin color, but also should be associated with the occasion, season. Hot and dry weather in summer, it is more suitable for light color clothes, will make the whole person look fresh and comfortable.