Huanzhu Ge Ge Meng Dans recent photo exposure

 Huanzhu Ge Ge Meng Dans recent photo exposure

Because Mou Fengbins scenery photos are very beautiful, the netizens asked did you go on holiday? Mou Fengbin also replied that the netizens were working, very grounded.

Mou Fengbin has attracted much attention for her role in the TV series huanzhu Ge Ge Ge. Since then, she has played very wonderful roles in many classic TV dramas, and has always insisted on her favorite industry.

Mou Fengbin in life is also very low-key, very strict management of their own body. During the Dragon Boat Festival, Mou Fengbin aired his own eating video, saying that the Dragon Boat Festival does not eat zongzi, eat grass.. Judging from the photo, Mou Fengbin only eats green vegetables, which makes people admire his perseverance.

Mou Fengbin also likes to keep fit after filming. He has shown his own fitness video before, saying you cant go out, you can only practice at home.. Although he practiced at home, he didnt relax himself. No wonder his body shape kept so good.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie_ b6952