US embassy in Iraq attacked by Patriot successfully intercepted

 US embassy in Iraq attacked by Patriot successfully intercepted

There was an attempt to fire rockets at the U.S. Embassy in the green zone of central Baghdad, the source said. The rocket was intercepted by the Patriot anti missile system, and the debris fell to a residential building next to the embassy. He said one child was injured and did not disclose whether there were other victims.

Russian media quoted rudaw, the largest television station in the Kurdish region of Iraq, as reporting that the incident occurred hours after the U.S. military in Iraq tested the Patriot anti missile system of the Embassy in Baghdad and caused dissatisfaction from the Iraqi side. According to the TV station, Hassan qaabi, vice president of the Iraqi parliament, and Mohamed Reza, head of the security and Defense Committee of the Iraqi parliament, said the US troops in Iraq were provocative.

According to Russian media, the green zone where Iraqi government agencies and foreign embassies are located and the Baghdad International Airport adjacent to the military airport has often become the targets of home-made simple rockets of local armed groups. Usually, such incidents will not cause casualties, nor will they cause significant property losses. The Iraqi military has shot down rockets that attacked the Taji military base north of Baghdad, where U.S. - led international forces are stationed, the information service of the Iraqi security forces said Sunday.

Photo: picture of the US embassy in Baghdad. (website of Russian satellite news agency)

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