The United States tested Patriot in Baghdad and was attacked by rocket the next day

 The United States tested Patriot in Baghdad and was attacked by rocket the next day

According to media reports such as Irans Mehr news agency on the 5th, Muhammad Reza, chairman of the security and Defense Committee of the Iraqi parliament, accused the United States of being provocative in testing the Patriot missile defense system in Baghdad, which was totally unacceptable, it is illogical to turn the Embassy in the green zone into a garrison site.. He also called on Iraqi Prime Minister kadimi to quickly take appropriate measures to stop such U.S. actions. In addition, the deputy president of the Iraqi national assembly, Al qabi, said that the Iraqi national defense system was extremely provocative in the center of the Iraqi parliament.

According to Iraqi media reports, in order to test the Patriot missile defense system, a U.S. fighter plane opened fire over the green zone in the center of Baghdad on the 4th, launching a small missile, while the security forces stationed in the US embassy turned on the Patriot system to intercept it. The report said that during the test, a huge explosion was heard over the green zone and the residents of Bagdad around the U.S. embassy were terrified.

However, Agence France Presse quoted an Iraqi source as saying that the US embassy in Iraq tested a new type of rocket defense system called c-ram. Installed earlier this year, the system can detect incoming rockets and fire thousands of bullets per minute into the air to detonate them. There are also Arab media who believe that the United States deliberately launched Missiles under the pretext of testing the missile defense system, in order to frighten the residents of Baghdad who are increasingly anti us and anti us. According to AFP, since October last year, U.S. diplomats and troops in Iraq have been attacked dozens of times. Washington believes that this is the work of Pro Iran armed elements in Iraq.

In the early hours of the day after the United States tested its air defense system, the US embassy in Baghdad was attacked by rockets. Iraqs al sumaria TV station reported on the 5th that the rocket was intercepted by the Patriot missile defense system, and the debris fell on a residential building next to the embassy, injuring a child.

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