Malaysia Coach: Lin Dans retirement has no effect on Guoyu. He is no longer a super Dan

 Malaysia Coach: Lin Dans retirement has no effect on Guoyu. He is no longer a super Dan

Lin Dan, who is nearly 37 years old, has won 20 World Championships. He has won two consecutive titles in Beijing and London Olympic Games. He has reached the top five times in the world championships. Undoubtedly, the peak is a nightmare that mens singles players from all over the world cant forget. However, in recent years, with the continuous growth of young players and the impact of their own injuries, combined with the decline of his ability, Lin Dan has long lost his courage. After a round of swimming in three races at the beginning of this year, he lost the second round of the all England match to Chen long, which was his last international competition.

On Saturday, Lin Dan announced his retirement on Weibo, ending nearly 20 years of national team career. For Lin Dans retirement, all sectors of badminton have expressed their blessing, but Malaysias Indonesian mens singles coach ye CHENGWAN believes that Lin Dans retirement will not have any impact on Chinas badminton team.

I dont think that the strength of the Chinese team will be greatly affected after Lin Dans withdrawal. Judging from his recent performance, he is no longer the state he was at that time, and retirement is a very common thing in the sports industry. It is a pity that Lin Dan retires. He is a perfect player and it is difficult to see such a player in the future. But he also believes that with Chen long and Shi Yuqi, Chinese mens singles are no longer dependent on Lin Dan.

Lin Dans recent performance has declined seriously. I dont think he will be selected into Chinas soup cup lineup. Even if he has, he will only fill the fourth singles position to improve the teams morale. In the past, the Chinese team has been full of talents and can constantly cultivate high-level athletes. I dont think they will miss Lin Dan, and its time to give these tasks to young people Its time for a generation of players. Of course, in a period of time in the future, the whole badminton industry will miss Lin Dan and hope he wont leave badminton Ye CHENGWAN said.

As a very famous mans singles player in history, ye CHENGWAN won the world championship in 2001. He was second runner up after losing to Ji Xinpeng in the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. After retiring in 2003, he taught in Indonesia team, leading Taufik and Sony to the top. After that, ye CHENGWAN came to Malaysia to teach. After Li Zongwei retired, he devoted all his energy to training Li Zijia, a representative of the new generation of mens singles in Malaysia. Top players come and go, and they are the same for every country. I am looking forward to the rise of new players.