City want to make Messi famous: Guardiola leaves first

 City want to make Messi famous: Guardiola leaves first

Messis number one suitor is already in operation. He is Manchester City. Manchester City owners are interested in bringing in the 34 year old Messi, who is still at his peak, hunt said in an interview with talk sport

But I think Guardiola will have doubts, he will worry about how Messi will play within the city system, because city emphasize high-level snatching and running without the ball. Hunt continued, at Barcelona, Messi can do everything he wants. If Guardiola decides to leave, Messi will be a free agent a year later. In this case, the City boss will be desperate to sign Messi

Will Messi leave Barcelona? Barcelona President batomeu responded after the match with Villarreal: Messis renewal? I wont go into details. But Messi has said many times that he will retire from Camp Nou The Argentinian himself has not spoken publicly after Searle radio exposed Messis suspension of contract renewal negotiations.

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