The first stage of CBA rematch: too many fouls, referee snatches the game

 The first stage of CBA rematch: too many fouls, referee snatches the game

On July 4, Shandong mens basketball team and Shenzhen mens basketball team interpreted the game as a hand to hand fight in a crucial battle related to the playoffs admission tickets. Five players were sent off one after another, four of them made six departures and there were 70 fouls in the whole game Finally, Shandong mens basketball team defeated Shenzhen mens basketball team 111-107 in overtime.

However, the results of the game have been inundated by the discussions and doubts about the referee is too aggressive.

This is not the first time that the referee problem has appeared in the second round. A week ago, the relevant person in charge of CBA said, in the long run, the cultivation of referees in Chinese basketball is facing great challenges. Many excellent referees have retired in recent two years. New young and middle-aged referees need more experience and we must give them more time

But how long does it take?

The whistle of Shandong and Shenzhen were heard frequently.

The 70 fouls in the court are too much to steal, and the referee is questioned again

For the two teams that both have excellent inside players and are eager to enter the playoffs, the fierce hand to hand is a predictable game process.

But the fans did not expect that this hand to hand battle under the guidance of the referee, will evolve so tragic.

According to statistics, the two sides fought hard for 2 hours and 53 minutes. One of them made 70 fouls, including 38 fouls in Shandong and 32 fouls in Shenzhen. The number of players standing on the free throw line was 40 in Shandong and 41 in Shenzhen. Li muhao, Shen Zijie, Tao Hanlin, Jia Cheng and Zhu Rongzhen were all sent off ...

The best in the match: the referee, stop playing, look at the free throws on both sides and see who can make the right penalty, the level of whistle blowing of the referee is really open to discussion Soon after the match, the official comments from the referees and fans about the results of the game were released.

Obviously, the fans dissatisfaction with the referee has outweighed the concern for the result of the game. The complaints of fans do reflect some problems. For example, when the players physical confrontation becomes more and more fierce, the referees ability to control the field needs to be improved; and on the issue of uniform punishment standards, the three referees in this game seem to have done less than expected.

Referees communicate in the game.

In fact, CBA has established a professional referee mechanism this season. However, there are too few professional referees who can play for CBA at present, and the discussion caused by referees continues to appear in the league.

A week ago, the head of the CBA company stressed that they also hope to improve the referees in the final moment of the match between Beijing Shougang and Zhejiang Chouzhou. In view of the mistakes and omissions in the process of adjudication, the referee Office of CBA company has given internal sanctions such as warning, deduction of performance and suspension according to the circumstances according to the performance appraisal system of referees.

In view of some mistakes and disputes about referees judgment since the second round, the referee Office of CBA company organizes referees and technical representatives in the competition area to conduct special study and summary every day.

In the long run, the training of Chinese basketball referees is facing great challenges. Many excellent referees have retired in the past two years. New young and middle-aged referees need more experience and we must give them more time. We must also have the courage to train and train young and middle-aged referees, otherwise in three years, our league will still face the fault of excellent referees

Sun Yue in the competition

Sun Yues expulsion did not hinder Marbury from making history

After 22 minutes of the match, only 4 points were scored for 1 out of 6 shots. Although there were five assists, he was expelled by the referee because of violation of body rules + technical fouls This is the performance of veteran Sun Yue in the first stage of the second round.

Looking back on the whole game, Sun Yues condition has not been ideal. When the game was in the second quarter of 5 minutes, Sun Yue attacked with the ball outside the three-point line. When Meng Zikai jumped up to try to stop Sun Yue, Sun Yue made a more obvious elbow raising action. After that, the referee played back the video and punished Sun Yue for violating the body.

The foul set the stage for Sun Yues departure. With three minutes left in the third quarter of the game, Jin Xin of Tianjin mens basketball team broke through Sun Yue and reached the bottom line. He Siyu made an arm covering action and hit Sun Yues waist. The referee immediately gave he Siyu cover for the foul. However, Sun Yue seems to be complaining about something in the process of back defense, and the referee whistled again to punish Sun Yues technical foul.

Sun Yue became the second player in the comeback. According to the Beijing News, the Beijing News reported that the Beijing control Club immediately filed a complaint against violations of the body. According to the rules, if the Beijing control mens basketball team fails to appeal, Sun Yue will automatically suspend the next match, and will not be able to compete with Guangzhou mens basketball team on July 9.

Marbury led north control to the playoffs for the first time.

Although Sun Yue was expelled, Marbury and his North control mens basketball team still ushered in a milestone night.

After Beikong mens basketball team defeated Tianjin mens basketball team 97-83, Beikong mens basketball team ranked fifth with 6-2 record. Judging from the current scoreboard, there are still eight regular season games left in the second stage. Even if Beijing control team loses 8 games and Shenzhen wins 8 games, Shenzhen can not surpass Beijing control. This also means that the last seasons League bottom North control mens basketball team, now eight rounds ahead of the playoff seats.

Marbury in the coachs rookie season, led the teams history into the playoffs for the first time. But Marburys ambitions clearly go beyond that.

We didnt play well in the first game (against Fujian team). In the absence of the main force, Guangdong team was taught a lesson by the opponent. Against Shandong team and Jilin team played very well. In the last two games, we didnt do a good job in terms of continuity. We still need to improve. Marbury only scored 6 points for the teams first stage performance after the game. It is not difficult to feel from his words that he is confident of building this team into a more competitive dark horse.

Zhejiang Chouzhou defeated Zhejiang Guangxia.

The talent of Zhejiang basketball team is amazing

In the first stage of the second round, the all China class of the two teams in Zhejiang Province can be regarded as the biggest surprise for the fans. On the day of the closing game, the meeting of two Zhejiang teams once again staged the needle point to wheat awn of domestic players. In the end, Zhejiang Chouzhou defeated Zhejiang Guangxia 109-98.

If sun Minghui has proved that he has the potential to become Chinas first guard in the match with Guo Allen, then Wu Qians brilliant performance in the Derby in Chouzhou, Zhejiang Province, proves that not only Guangxia mens basketball team has talent.

Whats more, in the antithesis with sun Minghui, Wu Qian did not fall behind at all. In the third quarter, watching sun Minghui use his excellent physical fitness to lead the team to pursue points, Wu Qian immediately stood up and helped the team stabilize the situation with his best three-point ball.

Both Zhejiang teams have many young talents.

In the whole match, Wu Qian played for 43 minutes, making 8 out of 16 three-point shots and getting 35 points, which set his personal record since the second round. Not only that, Wu Qian also sent out 12 assists, setting a new record for his career.

The ability to play such amazing data in a high-quality game proves Wu Qians ability. After the game, he attributed the victory to the teams overall performance, this game played a young mans momentum, the victory belongs to the whole team.

Indeed, in the first stage of the second round, Zhejiang Chouzhou showed the talent and potential of domestic players. Besides Wu Qian, young players such as Cheng Shuai Peng, Lu Wenbo, Liu Zeyi, Wang Yibo and Zhu Xuhang were also recognized by more and more people.

Perhaps for other teams in the league, this Zhejiang Derby is enviable. Two whole China classes, including Guangxia three junior and other domestic young players, have carried the banner and become more mature. This is also the hope of Chinese basketball in the future.

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