Yu suggests that high school students go to big cities in College: the farther away, the better

 Yu suggests that high school students go to big cities in College: the farther away, the better

College entrance examination is about to be held. In this special college entrance examination season, students are facing the double test of college entrance examination and epidemic situation. On the evening of March 3, Yu Minhong conducted a live webcast with the theme of college entrance examination is not the end, but a new starting point of life. He hoped to give graduates and parents some suggestions on life planning from his own experience.

When talking about how graduates should choose universities, he said, if we talk about the choice of universities of the same kind, I generally recommend that high school students leave their hometown. Moreover, I think that the farther away, the better. Because a persons whole life is to exert himself on a broader and larger stage, which is a very important factor. There is an old Chinese saying that trees move to death, people are killed. Its a good idea

As for the choice of big cities, Yu Minhong believes that big cities do not have to go to the coastal areas or go north, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xian, Lanzhou These are big cities. Big cities can know more people, let you know more, broaden your horizons unconsciously, and also give you the opportunity to find a better job. of course, this is not 100%, for example, your favorite university is in your city.

Among the topics launched by blogger @ boss broadcast, 70% of netizens totally agree with Yu Minhong.

Another part of netizens think that the choice should also vary from person to person. For people with good scores, they can choose this way. But for those with average scores, they should still focus on the school and the major itself. For example, the original score can only go to a bachelors degree in the city where he or she is located, and can only go to a college in another city. In this case, there is no need to choose a big city.

Some netizens added that after four years of jumping out of the comfort zone, many people still want to come back. There is no need to go out at all. Its really worthwhile to nourish ourselves in a down-to-earth way.

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