More than 210000 new who in a single day: countries with severe epidemic situation wake up

 More than 210000 new who in a single day: countries with severe epidemic situation wake up

As of 16:00 on May 5, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Russia has reached 681251 and the number of deaths has reached 10161. India is likely to soon overtake Russia as the third most confirmed country in the world. According to the Hindustan Times reported on the 5th, Indias Ministry of health data showed that the countrys new single day confirmed cases of 24850 cases, a record high. It is the third day in a row that India has newly diagnosed more than 20000 cases a day, the report said. India has 14 states with more than 10000 confirmed cases. In addition, Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi said on the 3rd that his new coronavirus test results were positive. It is reported that Qureshi was transferred to the military hospital in Rawalpindi on the 4th.

Data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States showed that at least 13 countries had more than 1000 new confirmed cases in a single day on the 4th. The World Health Organization said more than half of the newly confirmed cases in the world came from the Americas, including Brazil and the United States, on April 4. Brazils Ministry of health data at 18:00 local time on the 4th showed that more than 37900 new confirmed cases and 1091 new deaths occurred in Brazil in the past 24 hours. By the early morning of June 6, Brazil had more than 1.57 million confirmed cases and more than 64000 deaths. According to Singapores Lianhe Zaobao on the 5th, the epidemic situation in Brazil is generally facing the situation of spreading from metropolis to the mainland. Brazilian media reported that a joint survey conducted by the Brazilian Ministry of health and Pelotas Federal University showed that the actual number of new coronavirus infections in Brazil has exceeded 10.5 million, about seven times the data published by the government. Despite the severity of the outbreak, several Brazilian cities are still pushing for economic restart. Brazilian President Giorgio bosonaro approved a law on the 3rd that people must wear masks in public places during the outbreak. However, the BBC reported that bosonaro used his veto to remove the requirement to wear masks in shops, churches and schools. Mexico, also located in Latin America, added 523 new deaths on April 4, bringing the countrys cumulative death toll to 30366, surpassing France to become the fifth largest country in the world.

According to Singapores Lianhe Zaobao on the 5th, when talking about the epidemic situation in Brazil, Mexico and other American countries, whos head of health emergency program Ryan said that too many countries turned a blind eye to the information conveyed by the data. These countries want to get their economies back on track, but they cant ignore the epidemic problems, because these problems will not disappear miraculously. He said that countries can not allow the whole country to continue the blockade, but the feasible way is to relax the restrictions in areas with low transmission rate of the virus, and control the epidemic by keeping social distance, washing hands frequently and conducting more tests; in high-risk areas, implementing strict anti epidemic measures is the only option. According to Ryan, it is necessary for some countries to slow down the pace of unsealing. If they are determined to restart the economy but have insufficient capacity to cope with the epidemic, the worst will happen - the collapse of the health system and more deaths.

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