Daughter in law of the post-90s in Cliff Village: want to let children go to university and fall in love freely

 Daughter in law of the post-90s in Cliff Village: want to let children go to university and fall in love freely

Daughter in law of the post-90s in Cliff Village: they want their children to go to college and fall in love freely (source: cover news)

At the age of 12, she dropped out of primary school and went home to herd sheep. At 16, she left home to work in an electronic factory in Guangdong. At 20, her mother arranged to marry into cliff village. On the day of her marriage, she met her husband for the first time The life of a 26 year old girl of Yi nationality in Liangshan, ermuyiwu, is plain and light. It can be summarized in a few words.

Married to cliff village, her friend said: you are so good that you can climb that ladder. The reply of EMU Yiwu was a little sad: I cant help it. Im married.

Russia, Mu and Yiwu

What is love? I dont understand love. In the face of not handsome at all husband, although not like, but also unable to make changes. Now, after six years of marriage, sons and daughters are born one after another, there may be love.

After her baby was born, she began to worry about whether her next generation would also copy her life trajectory?

Surprise, in the inadvertent arrival. In May this year, Zhaojue County of Liangshan Prefecture started the relocation of poverty alleviation immigrants. 84 poor households in cliff village moved out of the mountain where they had lived for generations and moved into the centralized resettlement sites in the county, including the omuyiwu family.

She plans to work hard with her husband to earn money, let her children go to university, love freely, and choose their own life.

If you dont study, you have no choice to work

I should have read, but I was herding sheep. She said she missed many important moments in her life.

She is 26 years old. She is from wagu Township, Meigu County, Liangshan Prefecture. She lives in the countryside. Among the three brothers and sisters in the family, she is the third. At that time, the village generally did not pay attention to education, and thought that it was better to let the children go to school than go to the mountains to herd cattle.

Especially for girls, the older generation thinks that no matter how many books you read, you have to marry. Its useless. In this atmosphere, she entered school at the age of 9 and dropped out of grade 3 at the age of 12.

At that time, their family had 10 mu of land and fed cattle and sheep. Heavy farm work, so that the family has no time to take care of her feelings. When she dropped out of school, her mother did not dissuade her, thinking that she could just help sheep farm after she returned home.

In this way, she put down her schoolbag, picked up a hoe and whip, and began to do farm work at home. Although the land is spacious and can fill their stomachs, the land they have relied on for generations has not provided more for their families. If you want to have money, you can only take the chickens, pigs and sheep in the circle to the market and sell them for money.

As girls grow older, they spend more money. The single family income gave her the idea of going out to work. After learning about it, she knew that there were few local jobs and no demand for employment. She wanted to go to other places, and the education requirements became an insurmountable gap for her. She said that was the first time she knew that she had never read a book and had no chance to work.

At the age of 16, under the arrangement of her mother, through the introduction of acquaintances, she and more than 30 people from the same village went south to Shenzhen to work in an electronic factory producing rechargeable batteries. The factory does not require education and skills, but also includes food and accommodation, but an hours labor cost is only 3.7 yuan, and one day has to work eleven or two hours.

Unable to read and speak Mandarin, she couldnt understand the operation rules. She had to ask her fellow villagers to do translation if she wanted to help people understand. Even in simple work, she often makes mistakes.

Language barrier, she basically only communicate with the villagers, so her circle is very small, and rarely go out. Unable to integrate into the new environment, let her have a deep sense of powerlessness. In the dead of night, she often cried alone in the quilt. After staying in the electronics factory for more than seven months, she fled home with her savings of more than 7000 yuan.

In the morning, EMU was combing her hair, and her son came to hold her by the corner

On her wedding day, she took off her bridal dress

Recalling the past 20 years or so, she said, everything was arranged and she was not allowed to make a choice. Although its my life, I dont have a sense of participation.

It was 2014, when she was just 20 years old and in the prime of her youth, her family began to promote her marriage.

According to the local tradition, as long as the age is up, the parents of both men and women have agreed to eat the engagement wine, and then the daughter must marry. If you repent, you need to compensate the man three times the bride price. For her and other poor girls like her, they can only comply, and have no right to object.

She was working in a factory in Huizhou when she got a phone call from her family. Mother told her on the other end of the phone, the family arranged a blind date for her, the other party conditions are good.

She agreed.

Of course, blind date is just a euphemism. This phone call is telling her that its time to get married. The elders of both sides quickly fixed the date, and a few months later, she resigned from the factory.

On the wedding day, she had breakfast and set out from Meigu county to Zhaojue County by bus. According to the local custom, her mother didnt see her off. Instead, her brother, sister, cousin, cousin and others took the place of her. On that day, she was dressed in Yi bridal dress, which was very beautiful.

Meigu county to Zhaojue County is not far away, the road is not easy to walk, the car around for more than two hours. The car stopped at the foot of the mountain. Before she married, she knew her husband was from cliff village and thought his family was at the foot of the mountain. So when she learned that she was going to climb the rattan ladder, she was surprised and resisted.

She had never been here before. Climbing the rattan ladder for the first time made her afraid of the mountains and cliffs. Some relatives came to her husbands house and took them up the mountain. Due to the slow speed of the delegation, they soon stopped waiting and went up.

In front of me, the rattan ladder is winding all the way. In some places, the road is very narrow, and the feet cant be put down at the same time. Behind them are wanzhang cliff and gulirada Grand Canyon. It frightened her and made her regret. She wanted to turn down and run home. But her husbands 120000 yuan betrothal gift did not give her the leeway to flinch.

She did not know how long the road was.

Half way up, her heavy bridal dress makes her hot and tired. During the break, she took off her bridal costume. When the body is used to the burden of mountain climbing, and then upward, the feeling of fatigue and discomfort is reduced, they speed up.

After the rattan ladder is finished, there is a small path. Keep walking, and you will come to the village in less than 10 minutes. This trip took two or three hours for the local villagers, and she walked for five or six hours. When they arrived at her husbands house, it was getting dark. They had a good time to have dinner.

There are many husband and family members. They are all piling up, drinking and eating meat. In the crowd, she didnt know which was her husband or whether she could see his face only after being instructed. Not handsome at all. I dont like it.

Cliff village is too difficult to get out of

She only knew that the cliff village was far away and the mountains were very high. She did not have a concept of the exact distance. After walking once, she understood how difficult it was. From Meigus mountain to Zhaojues mountain, its hard to describe. If you are married, its too late to regret.

In the village, their family has 4 mu of land, planted potatoes, corn, and fed some sheep. If you cant grow anything in the field, you have to go down the mountain and buy it. She said that the inconvenience of cliff village is reflected in her life, which makes her dare not imagine the future. Before repairing the steel ladder, it took her half a day to go down the mountain to the countryside, while her husband was strong and carried things for three or four hours.

In order to make life more enjoyable, she and her husband went to many places and worked hard to earn money.

Slowly, everything is getting better. In the past, the lazy husband who was not good-looking in her eyes, spoke loud and did not work at home had gradually become a good man who respected her opinions and made good money.

In 2018, when her eldest son was born, she felt a little more worried. How to make children have books to read, have a good life, become a big stone in her heart. At that time, she often stood at the entrance of the village, looking at the mountains in front of her. The feeling was even stronger when her little daughter was born earlier this year.

The son of omyiwu stood at the door of the old house

However, the surprise in life always comes quietly.

In April of this year, at the meeting of housing allocation of centralized resettlement sites in Zhaojue County for poverty alleviation and relocation, OMU Yiwus family selected a new 75 square meter house located in No. 3 resettlement site.

Resettlement sites for poverty alleviation in Zhaojue County

The new house is on the 5th floor, with wide view, two rooms and one hall with a balcony. Outside the community is the school, covering a large area. The teaching building has not been repaired, but we can see the general appearance. She heard that there would be the best teaching resources in the county, from kindergarten to high school.

On May 13, they officially moved down from cliff village to live in a new home. Because the husband went to the city the first day to deal with the matter of moving a new home, but did not come back. On the same day, she took the children and the old people down the steel ladder all the way down.

She said that at the moment when she went down the mountain, she felt very happy. She just wanted to turn into a bird and fly to her new home to meet her new life.

After moving into their new home, they only lived for five days and then returned to the village. In the fields on the mountain, there are many potatoes and corn. In the barn, there are still animals. They plan to wait for the Yi Peoples new year, harvest their crops, sell chickens, sheep and pigs, and then go to live in the city.

Recalling her feelings in the past five days, she said that she felt comfortable living in her new home. She would arrive at the county seat 10 minutes away from her new home and did not want to go to cliff village again.

Let children choose their own lives

I dont study, herd sheep and farm. When I get old, I go out to work to earn some money. I get married and have children. After the baby was born, he didnt have any books to read, so he continued to herd the sheep... There, she said, its a cycle, and everyones life is roughly the same.

Now, when the cycle falls on her, the first half comes true. Having never read a book, she went out to work and suffered a lot. Up to now, she can only do some physical work and earn some hard money. The arranged marriage makes her become the mother of her children before she understands what love is.

She didnt want her children to live like this.

In the past, she thought, their husband and wife went out to work together, earned enough money, and settled down in the city. The world in the city is bigger, peoples horizons are wider, and they are no longer bound by traditional ideas, so children will no longer have to follow the same path as her.

Of course, she also knew how difficult it was for them to make a home in the city.

A lot easier. After moving into the city through poverty alleviation in other places, she said, many troubles have disappeared. After the move, her life has become simple, just need to go out to work, earn money for children to read.

On June 10, not very well, she came to the county hospital from the village for examination. While it was still early, she went back to her new home. When passing the school opposite the community again, the main building such as the teaching building has been built up, which is very imposing.

The younger daughter of omyiwu was resting, and the light was shining on her face through the roof

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