President Wadas response to us threat: Extortion! Youll never play with it

 President Wadas response to us threat: Extortion! Youll never play with it

During the doping crisis in Russia, the World Anti Doping organization has been facing criticism, and the United States also expressed dissatisfaction with the organization. Time has proved that we have made no mistake in agreeing with the decision of the Russian authorities to resume the athletes qualification, Wada chairman said. Although the analysis of the data and samples from the Moscow Anti Doping laboratory is still in progress, we have received more than 50 samples of athletes, some of which have found illicit drugs and may be disqualified. In addition, without the decision of the Russian Anti Doping Agency to reinstate athletes, we would not have access to these data, and there would have been no Russian violations examined by CAS. It was really a difficult decision. There was controversy at that time, but now there is no problem.

The White House Office of the United States submitted a report that the United States pays more than any other country $2.7 million a year to Wada, questioning whether it is worth the money. It hopes that Wada will operate in a transparent, responsible and independent manner, and requires more voice in Wada institutions.

Wada chairman ban Ka questioned the other partys motives: some of the things mentioned in this report are not even within the scope of Wada agencys responsibility. It may be that the US Anti Doping Agency hopes to raise more funds by damaging Wada. I dont want to speculate on motives, but my feeling is that the U.S. Anti Doping Agency wants to control the global Anti Doping system, because the whole report tries to undermine Wadas position as a global Anti Doping regulator, believing that it is not up to the task.

The two sides should discuss in a constructive dialogue, not in the form of extortion and threats. As for the threat of the United States that it would stop funding if Wada did not carry out reform, Banda, chairman of Wada, did not soften at all. No one can take payment as a condition. This is an autocratic act. The power of the World Anti Doping Agency is not for sale.

Wada president Banka also pointed out that if two powerful countries like the United States and Russia criticize the World Anti Doping Agency, it is precisely the strongest evidence that Wada is an independent organization. I will never let Wada be part of the political game, and I can agree to be the chairman, serve the athletes and strengthen the Anti Doping system so that Wada will not be played by stakeholders.