ESPN: Harvey contract hidden mystery if Barca calls for free termination

 ESPN: Harvey contract hidden mystery if Barca calls for free termination

Harvey retired from alsade last summer and immediately became the teams manager. Now Harveys contract has been extended for a year. Im very happy to renew my contract and Im working with alsad in many ways. Harvey said after the renewal of his contract, at present, the focus of my work is the domestic league and the Asian championship, our goal is always all champions.

If Barca holds an early election, Xavi will be able to leave alsad early. ESPN points out that there is a special termination clause in the Harvey contract. Xavi could jump out of his contract and return to Camp Nou free of charge if Barca throws an olive branch. Harveys return to Barcelona is directly determined by the fact that Feng te can be the president. When Harvey will return to Barcelona depends on when the presidential election will be held.

Similar to Xavi, Holland national team coach Colemans contract also has a special termination clause for Barcelona. After the end of next years European Cup, Coleman can jump out of his contract and join Barcelona. Colemans clause will come into force after the European Cup, while Harveys can take effect at any time.

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