Men commit 38 crimes! Defraud the Bank of 280 million yuan

 Men commit 38 crimes! Defraud the Bank of 280 million yuan

Liangshan commercial bank was cheated to lend 280 million yuan

According to the criminal judgment, the court found that during the period from 2012 to 2014, The defendant, together with the defendants Gao Yunbo, Wang Juan, Zhu Peihong, Wu zufei, Wu Yuelin, Ma Dongmei, Tang Lijuan, fan Shouyan, Chen Hua, Huang Lu, Xiao Hong, Wu yueyun, Xiao Yu, Jiang YONGYING, etc., fabricated false loan reasons by using the so-called identity of the loan subject which is not related to the loan, and Zhu Mou (to be dealt with in a separate case) and the defendant Gao Yunbo and others forged the loan information In addition, he colluded with Chen Jiawu, the legal representative of Sichuan Xinrong financing guarantee company (hereinafter referred to as Xinrong guarantee company), Zhang Yong, the person in charge of Panxi region of the company (handled separately), Fang Sulin, the legal representative of Sichuan Mianyang Xingyang Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xingyang guarantee company), and Mao, a bank staff member Xinrong guarantee company and Xingyang guarantee company provided guarantee to Liangshan commercial bank. They cheated 38 loans from Liangshan commercial bank with different loan subjects, and obtained a total of 281.2 million yuan. Before the crime, there were still 274.848 million yuan of principal and 138138600 yuan of interest that had not been returned. The money cheated by Liangshan commercial bank is used by * * Li, Chen Jiawu and Zhang Yong according to the proportion agreed in advance.

The defendants Gao Yunbo, Wang Juan, Ma Dongmei, Tang Lijuan, fan Shouyan, Chen Hua, Wu zufei, Huang Lu, Wu Yuelin, Xiao Hong, Jiang YONGYING, Wu yueyun, Zhu Peihong, Xiao Yu, etc. provided personal identity information to * * Li even though they knew that there was no true and legal reason for the loan and that the loan information was false, and knew that the personal identity information was used by * * to form the so-called lender Under the premise of the system, he also voluntarily went to Liangshan commercial bank to sign and confirm the loan. Among them, after Gao Yunbo, the defendant, helped * * Li to forge some false loan information, * * Li paid him 600000 yuan.

It is worth mentioning that among the 38 fraudulent loans mentioned above, the largest one is as high as 25 million yuan. According to the criminal judgment, on August 7, 2013, * * Li used Liangshan Hongda Mining Co., Ltd. (the legal representative is Zhu Peihong, the father of * * Li), as the loan subject and forged loan information, and obtained a loan of 25 million yuan in Liangshan commercial bank on August 7, 2013. The smallest amount of fraudulent loan is 2 million yuan. During the period from July to December 2013, * * Li used personal information of 10 people to forge loan information and obtained 2 million yuan of loan fraud from Liangshan commercial bank.

Borrow others ID card, set up a new company and apply for loan

In fact, the man also used the more common loan fraud techniques, that is, using forged loan information, or even a new company established to defraud loans as the main body of loans.

According to the criminal judgment, the witness Ma said: I was driving the car for the Xiaoli Xichang Xiaoshi investment company. In 2013, I asked * * Li to help me with a loan of 500000 yuan. After he agreed, I gave him the ID card, marriage certificate and account book of my wife (fan Shouli). He helped me with the loan information, but I dont know who did it. After more than a month, * * Li asked me to sign at Liangshan state commercial bank and said that my loan had come down. I went to Liangshan commercial bank and I signed and pressed my fingerprints. After that, the loan was sent to my Liangshan commercial banks bank card. I checked that there was only about 430000 yuan. I asked * * Li. He said that Xingyang guarantee company helped me guarantee, and the guarantee company deducted 50000 yuan of deposit, and said that it also deducted other expenses.

In addition, the principal paid a certain amount of remuneration to his accomplice in the loan materials. According to the criminal judgment, witness Zhu said: before I helped * * Li do false loan information, Gao Yunbo worked in * * Lis company. In 2012, * * Li, Mao, Gao Yunbo and I often talked about loans. * * Li told me that Gao Yunbo helped him make false loans. For this reason, he gave Gao Yunbo a reward of 500000-600000 yuan and a Cayenne car. In March and April 2013, Gao Yunbo told me that * * Li paid him 500000-600000 yuan. Wang Juan, the financial officer of * * Li, also told me that Gao Yunbo earned 500000-600000 yuan from the bank for loan materials, and said that she transferred all the money to Gao Yunbo. The process of Gao Yunbos making loan materials to * * Li is: Gao Yunbo finds his own ID card to register companies or individual businesses as loan subjects, and uses these loan subjects to make false loan materials. After the loan materials are completed, Gao Yunbo gives them to * * Li. With these loan materials, * * Li asks the guarantee company to issue a loan guarantee letter, and finally gets a loan from Liangshan commercial bank, When the loan comes down, the interest will be given a benefit fee. I do the same for * * Li. When I was doing loan materials in Xichang City, I asked Wang Juan and Wu Mou 2 to sign some of the purchase and sales contract personnel in the loan materials. I also helped Zeng Yi to register Liangshan Xinxin Trading Co., Ltd. and produced the loan information of the company. Among the 10 million yuan of the loan, 7.5 million yuan was transferred to * * Li, and the remaining 2.5 million yuan was used by Zeng Yi and me.

The banks insider helped secretly and accepted bribes many times

However, the trick of registering a new companys fake loan can easily deceive the banks risk control audit, and the key lies in the secret assistance of insiders in the bank!

According to the criminal judgment, in order to obtain loans from Liangshan commercial bank, the defendant * * Li repeatedly bribed Chen Shengwen, vice president of Liangshan State Commercial Bank (sentenced), and Mao, director of small customer center of Liangshan Commercial Bank (handled separately), with a total amount of 3.036 million yuan, including 2.7885 million yuan to Mao and 247500 yuan to Chen Shengwen Yuan. Liangshan commercial bank appointment and removal notice, China Banking Regulatory Commission Sichuan regulatory bureau documents, the CPC Liangshan Prefecture Organization Department (notice) and other documents. It is confirmed that Mao has successively served as vice president of Shengli North Road sub branch of Liangshan commercial bank, person in charge of Xichang sub branch and head of risk management department since March 18, 2010.

When I was the director of the small loan center of Liangshan commercial bank, I was responsible for holding loan review meetings and signing relevant loan contracts.

The loans I helped * * Li to handle in Liangshan commercial bank were all false. The loan subjects were all found by him, not by himself. The loan information was basically forged,

There is no use for the loan at all, and the loan funds are not used according to the loan information. **Lis operation mode in the small loan center of Liangshan state commercial bank is that after he has agreed with me about the current affairs of the loan, he will go to the loan subject to forge the loan information and give it to the customer manager below. The customer manager will report it level by level according to the process, and I will lend the loan to * * Li after being approved by the loan review committee. **Lis loan to Liangshan state commercial bank, I know that I have paid one or two, but the others have not been paid back. Later, we went to Yuexi * * Lis project for mortgage.

In addition, since 2007, Chen Shengwen has been the vice president, director of the loan review committee and member of the Party committee of Liangshan commercial bank, and has been in charge of the risk management department and credit management department for a long time.

In the process of his loan, I did take advantage of my position and helped him a lot.

If it constitutes the crime of loan fraud, he is sentenced to 11 years imprisonment

According to the criminal judgment, the defendant was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment and a fine of 400000 yuan for the crime of loan fraud; he was sentenced to seven years imprisonment and a fine of 200000 yuan for bribery; he was sentenced to 17 years imprisonment and fined 600000 yuan for several crimes. The defendant was ordered to refund the loan fraud amount of RMB 274.848 million to Liangshan commercial bank.