One after another transformation of fancy self-help! The manager of a travel company works as a part-time delivery agent

 One after another transformation of fancy self-help! The manager of a travel company works as a part-time delivery agent

u25e5 Zhongxin travel agency actively develops new projects and trains employees.

From the frozen spring festival holiday to the gradual warming up of the Qingming, may day and Dragon Boat Festival holidays, the domestic tourism market is recovering orderly. However, the epidemic is not over and travel agencies are still in the cold winter. Qilu Evening News u00b7 Qilu Yidian reporter investigated several travel agencies in Jinan and found that they are facing the test of business reduction, staff loss and even closing down. Live with goods, cross-border sales, private customization Now, they say, live..

After returning to work, the turnover was only 2000 yuan

The order for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is 0

On June 29, Zhang Xiaoguo, chairman of Shandong Guoxin international travel agency, was handling affairs alone in an office beside Jingshi Road. There were more than 40 employees in March and April, and now there are only a dozen left. Zhang said that in order to survive, they rented out nearly 300 square meters of office, and their plan to move into the new office has been put on hold. It is understood that medium-sized travel agencies like them have lost nearly one million yuan.

Lu Zhongli, general manager of Shandong Ctrip Bestone International Travel Service Co., Ltd., also said that now only intra provincial tourism can be carried out, but the unit price of the provincial tour is low, and the transaction volume cant go up at all.

The epidemic is not over, peoples willingness to travel is still not strong. Jia Li (pseudonym), an operator on duty at Jiefang Road store of a travel agency in Jinan, said that in the past Dragon Boat Festival holiday, there was no order in the store, and the turnover after returning to work was only more than 2000 yuan. All this money is not enough to pay for water and electricity. Jia Li pointed to the air conditioner nearby and said that she would only turn on the fan when she was on duty.

Weve only paid once since January 23. Jia Li said that compared with the decline in income, she was more worried about being laid off by the travel agency.

The Dragon Boat Festival in the past has nothing to do with our travel agency. The marketing manager of a large travel agency in Jinan said helplessly that due to the tourism in the province and the surrounding areas are the main holiday tourism, and due to the repeated epidemic situation in recent years, the business of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday was 0.

According to Tianyan data, there are 4250 enterprises with travel agency registered in Jinan. Affected by the continuous impact of the epidemic, 82 of the 841 travel agency enterprises registered and established in the past two years have been cancelled. Among them, Shandong Leyou International Travel Service Co., Ltd. cancelled 11 business departments, Shandong Confucius International Travel Service Co., Ltd. cancelled 7 business departments, and Nanjing tuniu International Travel Service Co., Ltd. cancelled 9 business departments.

At 6:00 p.m. on June 30, Zhao Xiao, 34, got on an electric bicycle and started working as a Rider all night. He spent 30 minutes riding nearly 5 kilometers from the farmers market in Mingxing District of Jinan to Jili Beiyuan, delivering a meat cake to customers homes.

This order can earn 7 yuan 4, usually the farther the distance, the more money. Leave the customers home, Zhao Xiao brush mobile phone to snatch one side to say. He has been working as a rider for more than two months. From the beginning, he sent more than 10 orders a day to now he can send more than 30 orders. He is familiar with this job. But before becoming a delivery rider, Zhao Xiao did a very different job.

Im actually a business manager for a travel company. Zhao Xiao has been engaged in tourism for 13 years since 2007, but his recent experience has forced him to transform.

On January 22 this year, Zhao Xiaos business began to stagnate. We have returned the tourists money, but the airline has not yet returned it to us. In order to help the company tide over the difficulties, I have borrowed more than 70000 yuan by myself, and now I have to pay back 3000 yuan a month with the mortgage.

In addition to delivering takeaway, Zhao Xiao also tried to set up stalls, and during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, he and his wife made some handmade desserts and sold them in the night market near the west railway station, but the effect was not good. I got 200 yuan for three nights, but the cost was about 220 yuan, so I still lost money in the end. He said with a wry smile.

Recently, Zhao Xiao found another job in a construction consulting company. He worked there during the day and took out at night. However, he was still full of confidence in his old business. I like traveling very much. In order to make a living, its just a temporary transition.

Introduce the scenic spots live and bring goods

Selling grilled chicken and donkey hide gelatin

In March and April, we set the tone of surviving , because only by surviving can we make preparations and seek development. First of all, the company cant go bankrupt. Second, dont lose all the employees. Now, survival is the central theme. Zhang Xiaoguo said.

In order to get out of the predicament, Zhang Xiaoguo, chairman of Shandong Guoxin international travel agency, has made a new way out, that is, live delivery with goods. Taking advantage of the convenience of being familiar with the resources, they conducted cloud explanation on the Internet, and also sold Dezhou grilled chicken, Jinsi jujube, Donge donkey hide gelatin, etc.

On the evening of July 1, Jiahua travel agency also conducted a special live broadcast. We did the live broadcast in Ruogu Mountain Residence scenic area. The goods in the live broadcasting room are a little special. They are not ordinary commodities, but accommodation. Zhao Ruxin, marketing manager of the travel agency, said that in the case of suburban tourism becoming the main force, B & B products are very popular. Their travel agency and B & B hotel cooperate to carry out live delivery, which is also a kind of industry self-help measures.

Shandong Branch of Beijing Zhongxin Youya International Travel Service Co., Ltd. set up a MCN company in February this year, which specializes in incubating live network celebrities, inviting people from digital live network to carry out live broadcasting and short video platform operation training for internal staff regularly.

Some cross-border into real estate

Explore the deep transformation in the future

Tourism is low-frequency consumption, but daily life consumption is high-frequency. Travel agencies master the high-quality goods and local products of the destination, which can be purchased by tour guides, endorsed by travel agency brands, and sold online and in stores. This can enhance customer stickiness and broaden revenue channels. Zhang Ming, chairman of Shandong Jiahua Tourism Co., Ltd., said that they are exploring a new tourism retail mode of tourism + life, taking travel agencies as the flow entrance and turning travel agencies from flow circle to life circle.

On February 8, the destination selection mall developed by Jiahua tourism was officially launched. The e-commerce platform mainly sells local products from overseas and domestic tourism destinations. We also helped farmers to sell unsalable agricultural products. In Xiangxi Prefecture of Hunan Province, Tanggan sold 200000 Jin in two days. Zhao Ruxin said that the destination selection mall has just been launched, and its daily sales volume has reached more than 10000 yuan. At present, the e-commerce platform has more than 100 kinds of commodities.

On May 27, Jiahua tourism entered the real estate industry again. In Zhang Mings opinion, tourism can be grafted with all walks of life, and he is optimistic about the related business of real estate. We have a team, and now there are hundreds of people who can do it. Zhang Ming said that their main business now is to sell real estate, and now they are selling a real estate in the urban area of Jinan.

Zhang Ming said that they want to dig deep into the real estate industry through their own customer resources and expand the profit space of enterprises. At the same time, they also take advantage of this special period to carry out deep transformation, and Jiahua real estate will also develop real estate in the future.

Cross border tourism is also worthy of promotion. We have also used this period of time to make up for the shortcomings before, and integrate industrial tourism, agricultural tourism, rural tourism and Rural Revitalization into one. Zhang Xiaoguo said that they are also trying to expand the business radius of travel agencies. They can not only do tour groups, but also do marketing planning and publicity for scenic spots.

Force yourself out of the comfort zone

Traditional tourist routes and group tours are becoming more and more popular, but small package tours and private customization are in the ascendant. Zhang Ming analyzed that travel agencies need to work hard to improve their R & D capabilities and expand their market share.

We have now developed a self driving tour. Zhao Ruxin explained that to be specific, it is to provide self driving tourists with services such as booking tickets, booking hotels and explanation.

The epidemic has exposed the weakness of offline stores in the field of non group tour, which is also where we are trying to innovate. Lu Zhongli, general manager of Shandong Ctrip Bestone International Travel Service Co., Ltd., said that their travel agency launched a large number of non group tour, semi free travel and Jing Jiu package to increase the transaction volume.

This is also an opportunity to force us out of the comfort zone. We will also practice our internal skills and wait for the tourism demand to rebound. Du Zhengtai, vice president of Beijing Zhongxin Youya International Travel Service Co., Ltd., believes that travel agencies should work hard to improve their internal skills during the epidemic period, so as to cope with the blowout tourism after the epidemic.

Source: Qilu Evening News Author: Cheng lingrun, Yu Yue, intern, Dong Yiyang, editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu_ NF