The price of Changsha local auction is changing with each passing day

 The price of Changsha local auction is changing with each passing day

The purchase restriction policy has been completed for two years now. Many people who have moved in from outside the city have already acquired the qualification of purchasing houses. Now most of the people who buy houses are from Dizhou city of Hunan Province. Ms. Du, who has been engaged in real estate sales for a long time, told the Securities Daily.

Now the main force of home ownership is the post-80s. Because of the second child policy and a certain amount of savings after working for several years, the demand for improved housing is reflected in a concentrated way. On the contrary, about 110 square meters of units are not selling well. A real estate consultant told the Securities Daily that by the end of next year, the flat floor with an area of more than 230 square meters will be launched. At present, he has accumulated hundreds of potential customers.

Sales of new houses are booming, which has something to do with the rising price of limited land in Changsha. Recently, the price of limited price land in Changsha has continuously reached a new high. If I dont sell, Im afraid that the cost of purchasing a house will be higher. Mr. Xia said anxiously.

According to statistics of Leju Hunan, in the first half of 2020, the total transaction area of the local auction market in six districts and one county (Changsha County) in Changsha City was about 2.754 million square meters, with a year-on-year increase of 15.7%; the total transaction amount was 26.53 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 26.1%.

It is worth noting that not only the volume and price of land have risen, but the increase of total transaction amount is higher than that of total transaction area, which means that the land price in Changsha is rising.

Taking the listing information of a double restricted land block in Yanghu District of Yuelu District of Changsha City as an example, the average selling price of residential (blank) does not exceed 13800 yuan / m2. On July 30, 2019, the average sales price limit of residential (blank) of two plots in the same area won by China Shipping real estate is 12600 yuan / m2. Looking back, the land price of the area was only 10000 yuan / m2 in 2018. This means that the land price in Changsha has increased by 38% in less than two years.

Since 2019, many people make complaints about the price increase of Changshas TAC TAC in the mayors mailbox. In response, Changsha Municipal Bureau of natural resources and planning said in its reply: the maximum price limit of land for price limit is based on the regulation and control expectation of the citys real estate market, and finally decided by the Land Committee of Changsha City.

Sun Wenhua, Deputy Secretary General of the urban and rural overall planning committee of the China Association for the promotion of urbanization, was quite surprised by the rise in the price of limited land in Changsha in an interview with Securities Daily. Under the downward pressure of the economy, land finance seems to be able to alleviate the temporary difficulties of local governments, but there is no doubt that the damage of housing prices to industries, especially the secondary and tertiary industries, will lead to the rise of comprehensive costs due to the rise of house prices, thus squeezing the profit space, he said

Changsha house price advantage will become the past style?

In recent years, Changsha has grasped the opportunity of the rise of the industrial Internet, especially the industrial Internet. Focusing on three intelligence and one autonomy (intelligent equipment, intelligent Internet connected vehicle, intelligent terminal, independent control and information security), Changsha has repeatedly made breakthroughs in the core Internet technology, Internet Innovation Ecology and Internet application scenarios.

The annual Internet Yuelu summit has become a hot stamping card in Changsha. Many Internet giants have their second headquarters in Changsha. According to Tianyan data, up to now, there are 59584 enterprises in Changsha area whose business scope includes Internet. It is worth noting that as a central city, Changsha will become the Internet capital?

Ouyang Yu, CEO of, who started a business in Changsha, told the Securities Daily: the policy support of the local government in Changsha, the overall environment of the Internet, the business atmosphere of enterprises and the talent highland are all very attractive. In addition, he believes that Changshas advantages in housing prices and cost of living are also the main factors to attract the mobile Hunan army to return home and start their own businesses.

The chairman of a high-tech listed company in Hunan told the Securities Daily: we hope that Changsha will maintain the advantage of housing prices in the provincial capital city, which is of great significance for us to attract scientific and technological talents. If we lose the advantage of housing prices, our competitive advantage in talent introduction with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen will gradually diminish.

Wu chaoming believes that the rise of land and property prices is related to the promotion of urbanization, the reform of household registration system and the relaxation of residence restrictions in the medium and long term. In the short run, it has something to do with the current loose monetary environment.

Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, Chinas real economy demand, especially the demand of consumption and service industry, has been greatly impacted, and the residents income has declined. However, the existence of a broad monetary environment, on the one hand, has enhanced residents awareness of preserving assets and increased their demand for assets that can maintain and increase value in order to prevent property shrinkage; on the other hand, insufficient demand of the real economy will limit the increase of inflation In turn, liquidity will push up asset prices, especially real estate prices, i.e. asset inflation under a broad currency. Wu chaomings analysis.

As a result of the above two aspects, real estate prices in some hot cities have risen, liquidity leakage has occurred in the process of flowing into the real economy, and financial risks have increased. Of course, it is also one of the side effects of broad money. Therefore, the central bank clearly put forward in the second quarter monetary policy implementation report that adhere to the appropriate aggregate policy and promote a virtuous circle between finance and the real economy. Wu chaoming stressed that since this year, many prefectures and cities have been on the verge of loosening the property market policy, and should be vigilant that local governments return to the old road of relying on land finance.

Source of this article: Yang Qian, editor in charge of Securities Daily_ NF4425