The train derailed after Japanese primary school students did the experiment. This time, Chinese children lost?

 The train derailed after Japanese primary school students did the experiment. This time, Chinese children lost?

After the investigation, it was found that the initiator was a 10-year-old boy. In order to explore the mystery of the orbit, he put stones on the track to do experiments

The boys behavior caused netizens to confess one after another

My God, I also let go of stones when I was a child. I just thought it was fun and didnt mean anything.

I also let go of the nails. When the train goes over, the nails will become thin pieces, and then we will happily pick them up.

Curious baby is common in the world. Curiosity is the fourth driving force that distinguishes human beings from primates.

He is still a child, dont let him go and respect the childs nature, dont stifle curiosity are never two extreme existence.

Children without curiosity lose the desire to explore the world; children without rules lose the armor to protect themselves. Wise parents will guide their children to weigh the pros and cons.

All great discoveries come from asking questions.

Childrens world, small to an ant, big to the sun in the sky, all feel curious and interesting.

Mom, did I jump out of the stone?

This wonderful story seems childish and funny to adults. A perfunctory sentence you will know when you grow up virtually extinguishes the flame of knowledge seeking.

Two children of the same age, one said, eggs hatch chickens, and the other asked, why do eggs hatch chickens? The former often gets more praise: we like children what they know too much, but often ignore the value of asking questions.

Before seeing a micro blog of Sun Li, I felt very deep.

Her friends sent her some eggs, and the children wondered if they could hatch chickens.

Instead of perfunctory, she said, lets try it together.

A month later, under everyones careful care, the chicks broke their shells.

Sun Li saw these chickens and was very worried: what should I do now? Who will take care of them?

It turns out that many people have been curious about brooding chickens in their childhood.

An attempt to protect childrens curiosity, harvest this unexpected joy. Children who are satisfied with their curiosity should not be too happy.

The first man to land on the moon Armstrong once said to his mother seriously when he was 6 years old: I want to go to the moon and have a look.

My mothers first reaction was to smile and say, OK, then you remember to go home for dinner.

When Armstrong returned to earth from the moon 33 years later, the reporter asked him, whats the most important thing you want to say at this moment? Armstrong replied, I want to say to my mother, Im back from the moon for dinner.

French writer Frances said: curiosity makes scientists and poets. It makes the childrens future full of infinite possibilities. Intelligent parents will not extinguish the flames at the first time, but encourage them to try and experience the sense of achievement in solving problems from the answers.

However, the light has the curiosity exploration consciousness, does not have the rule this armor, is no doubt lets the child walk on the needle tip.

There is no rule awareness of bear children, only you can not think of, without them can not do.

Some time ago, a fire broke out in a residents home in Changzhou. Fortunately, firemen put out the fire in time and no casualties were caused. However, the furniture and electrical appliances in the house were almost completely destroyed and the losses were very heavy.

After the investigation, we found that: because of curiosity, the child ignited the plastic bag with a lighter and accidentally played with the fire.

First, we must not hurt ourselves.

Second, it should not harm people.

Ignorance of the abyss is more terrible than desperation. Safety awareness is the armor of childrens curiosity.

Even if there is no malicious exploration experiment, if you dont tell him the potential dangerous consequences and the rules to follow, this curiosity is hell for others.

Lets go back to the opening topic: what happens if I put a stone on the track?

In 1980, more than 100 people were injured in a train derailment and rollover accident on the Beijing Osaka railway section in Japan.

In 2005, a high-speed train derailed and collided with a car on Japans Jr Fukuyama line. Two carriages were destroyed, 107 people died and 555 were injured.

The root cause of both accidents was the stone placed on the track.

However, some netizens tolerance of unusual Japanese boys makes people think deeply.

The respondents stressed that:

The typical Chinese thinking is that we cant let go. We just refuse to let an interested teenager stop his creative first step practice just because he overturned his car. In China, too much of this kind of voice and logic leads to the strangulation of the few children with hands-on skills.


This view has attracted many followers

Go to Japan to release stones. China cant accommodate a young mans exploration.

If even a child has the courage to overturn the train, we can imagine how keen the whole society is to explore the unknown.

Because the protagonist of the event is Japanese children, they devalue themselves in the process of reflection, and even judge that the creativity and exploration ability of Chinese children are not good.

This kind of concept is called poisonous chicken soup with curry taste by some rational netizens

What you have lost is life, and what they have lost is precious spirit of inquiry. Is this very similar to the classic logic in Qiongyaos love drama: what you lose is only one leg, and what Ziling has lost is love.

Fortunately, there are also rational voices under this answer:

If all the children had the right to throw stones on the track, we might not live to this day.

Curiosity we support, but if curiosity comes at the expense of others, its murder.

You cant stifle a childs exploration. If a child wants to experience the feeling of killing, should his parents support him? Let such curious children decide the height of the country

The discussion of two categories is totally advanced, while the discussion of traffic rules is on the one hand. In this case, in order to praise the Japanese childrens curiosity and hands-on ability and ignore the rules and dangers behind it, this brain circuit is also quite strange.

No countrys parents want their children to lose at the starting line, nor do they turn a blind eye to safety issues. We can stride forward in the street and wave our arms, but we cant hurt others. this rule is universal and cant double.

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