0-21-20-1! Guaras career number one shame: why always lose

 0-21-20-1! Guaras career number one shame: why always lose

In many lost games, city are dominant, but can not break the other side goal, and then a careless opponent hit a counterattack. In the face of such a situation, Gua Shuai is also helpless. After todays game, he said: overall, we played well in those games. But we couldnt win the game. But we are not the kind of team that cant score

Our total goals are the number one in the Premier League, we have created a lot of opportunities, we have not lost many goals, but we have lost a lot of games. Seriously, I dont know the reason behind it, but you have to continue to work hard to analyze the next game, analyze the opponents play, try to lose as little as possible and let the striker score more goals

Mistakes are part of the game, but we didnt lose because of that, he said. This has happened many times this season and we have created a lot of opportunities (but we havent grasped them) and thats football

Citys loss today was also a bit of bad luck, as you know, this games sling shot was the first goal that Che Adams scored for Southampton. In July 2019, Adams joined Southampton. Prior to that, he has made 29 appearances this season and has not scored a goal. I didnt expect that he made such a wonderful contribution to Manchester City. In contrast, Manchester City roared 26 feet but failed, Gua Shuai really wanted to cry without tears.