After retirement, several companies under Lin Dans name, favorite in entertainment circle or entrepreneur?

 After retirement, several companies under Lin Dans name, favorite in entertainment circle or entrepreneur?

The past achievements and glory, as well as the disputes and scandals that occurred in him, have become the past with Lin Dans retirement. But Lin Dans story is not over, his past achievements have already brought him high commercial value.

At the same time, Lin Dan also crossed into the entertainment industry, not only starring in films, but also participating in many variety shows such as the strongest brain.

20 years national player, 20 world champions

Born in 1983, Lin Dan showed his unique sports talent since childhood. He began to learn badminton at the age of 5 and was selected into Fujian sports school at the age of 9. In 1995, 12-year-old Lin Dan won the National Junior mens singles championship.

In 2000, Lin Dan entered Chinas national badminton team and began his career as a national player. Just two years later, Lin Dan was ranked No. 1 in the world for the first time.

Since then, Lin Dan, as if open hanging general, successively won the world championship title. 2008 Beijing Olympic mens singles champion, 2009 World Championships three consecutive titles, 2010 Guangzhou Olympic mens singles champion Lin Dans badminton playing method is highly ornamental, especially the explosive fish jump rescue, which makes him have the title of super Dan.

Two Olympic mens singles champion, five World Championships Mens singles champion Lindane has as many as 20 world titles.

But the legend will come to an end one day. On July 4, Lin Dan announced his retirement through a micro blog statement. In recent years, I want to challenge the physical limits of an old athlete and practice the spirit of never giving up, he said in a statement

But at 37, Im no longer allowed to play with my teammates in terms of physical fitness and injury. Lin Dan said.

Chinas national badminton team said on its official microblog that it had agreed to Lin Dans retirement application. Zhang Jun, chairman of China Badminton Association, said: Thank you for Lin Dans contribution to the Chinese badminton team. Over the years, Lin Dans performance in training and competition, as well as the achievements he has achieved, can prove that he is an excellent athlete. I hope everything goes well in Lin Dans new life after his retirement. I also hope that he will not stay away from badminton and continue to work hard to promote badminton in a new way.

With Lin Dans retirement, the last adherents of the four kings of badminton industry also stepped off the court. Chinas Lin Dan, Malaysias Li Zongwei, Indonesias Taufik and Denmarks Peter Gade have been called the Four Heavenly Kings of badminton.

Photo source: Li Zongweis microblog

Among the four heavenly kings, the most familiar one is the battle between Lin and Li. From 2004 to 2018, Lin Dan and Li Zongwei staged 40 wonderful confrontations, with Lin Dan winning 28-12. Two of the worlds top badminton players have become close friends with each other.

In June 2019, Li Zongwei announced his retirement, and Lin Dans sentence no one to accompany me when I went on stage alone was top hot searched. And when Lin Dan retired, Li Zongwei also talked to each other: my greatest opponent @ Lin Dan, Ive been absent for a long time, and Im proud of you.

As the No.1 Chinese badminton player and one of the worlds top four badminton kings, Lin Dans Grand Slam results, outstanding temperament and distinctive personality have made him deeply sought after by businesses, and his brand name covers all walks of life. According to Forbes China celebrity list, Lin Dan earned 12.5 million yuan after winning the mens singles champion of Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, and nearly 15 million yuan in 2009. On the 2015 China celebrity list, there are only two sports stars on the list, including Lin Dan, whose annual income is 27.5 million yuan. Forbes commented on him as the first Chinese badminton team to sign an athlete brand as an individual.

Among them, advertising endorsement is a major contributor to lindanes income. According to cbndata star count statistics, from 2007 to 2015, there were 12 major brands, including Dongfeng Citroen, Li Ning, Gillette, golden dragon fish, Intel, shell and Montblanc, covering many fields such as automobile, sports equipment, daily necessities and food. And Lin Dans influence in the past three years is relatively stable, and its popularity index is about 70 points. As a competitive sports player, 74.49% of Lin Dans fans are male, and the proportion of post-90s and post-00s is as high as 57%.

Image source: cbndata star count

In addition to the endorsement, Lin Dan also developed his own commercial brand. In 2014, the Hollis coffee lindane store jointly built by lindane and Korean brand Hollis coffee opened in Beijing, and then Hangzhou store opened. Lin Dan once revealed that he opened a coffee shop for his wife Xie Xingfang: because a Fang likes it very much, so I decided to try it. In 2015, Lin Dan founded the underwear brand intimatebylindan named after himself, known as the male version of Weimi.

With a high popularity in the business field, Lin Dan also crossed the border to the entertainment industry and became a frequent visitor. The brain China has not only played the twenty-ninth Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, but also make complaints about the most powerful brain, twelve flavors, the report coach, the Chinese champion, the masked singing, the guessing and the Tucao conference.

According to qixinbao, there are five companies under lindanes name. Their underwear brand intimatebylindan belongs to the studio, Shanghai Chuangling sports planning studio, which was established on December 31, 2013, with Lin Dan holding 100% of the shares; wanguocheng (Guangzhou) International Trade Co., Ltd., which holds 20% of the shares; and lindan International Sports Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd., which holds 40% of the shares, but the company has been cancelled on April 13, 2020. At the same time, Lin Dan and his wife Xie Xingfang also jointly owned two companies: Shenzhen dange Cultural Investment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen xinchuangling Investment Co., Ltd. the couple held 50% and 49% shares in the two companies respectively.

Photo source: qixinbao

Lin Dan retired and formally bid farewell to his career as an athlete. However, Lin Dans new arena is about to open a new curtain. What kind of identity will he use to spend his life, a favorite in the entertainment industry or a successful entrepreneur? Maybe the answer will come out soon.