Barcelona has another 17-year-old Neymar! Shame 34 year old man with crotch

 Barcelona has another 17-year-old Neymar! Shame 34 year old man with crotch

Fatis goal, appeared in the 86th minute. Alba sent a long pass from the back field, and Fati pressed the offside line to start. He controlled the ball on the left side of the front court. In the face of Real Madrid old general Albiol, Fati has no fear of all the way inside. Fati has an absolute advantage in speed, and his continuous shaking almost makes Albiol lose his center of gravity.

After coming to the middle of the penalty area, Fati gave a cool low shot with his right foot. The ball passed between Albiols legs and went to the bottom left corner of the goal. This battle saves as many as 9 times Arsenio has not made any response at all, he can only watch the ball roll into the net nest. Fatis set of continuous skills is really like Neymar. Fati didnt shoot blindly, but played a goalkeepers opposite angle. At 17, he had a maturity that was not in line with his age.

The goal, the seventh goal of the season by Fati, has scored six goals in La Liga and one in the Champions League. In the history of Barcelona, Fati scored 9000 goals. Lamasia youth training camp has withered in recent years, Fati is likely to hold up Barcelonas youth training flag for a long time in the future.

In the final stage of the game, Fati and Albiol have another head-on encounter. Albiol in the tackle at the same time also knocked down Fati, Real Madrid will be in time to stop the ball before it goes out. After watching Fati come, arbiormo kicks the ball on Fati. Albiol is right. He wants Fati to knock the ball out of bounds so that the submarine can get the ball right. But its hard to say that theres no malice in Albiols posture. After all, hes just been humiliated by Faty, who is half his age

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