Guangxia, Zhejiang, the strongest CBA class in China?

 Guangxia, Zhejiang, the strongest CBA class in China?

In the second round, 6 wins and 2 defeats in the second round, and the whole China class is the best, and the three high-level data are ranked in the top three

In the first stage of the second round, Guangxia team won 6-2 losses, which was equal to that of Zhejiang, Xinjiang and Beijing, which are located in the same area of Qingdao. The results of the second round were second only to Guangdong team, the league leader, which won eight games and had strong foreign aid to WEIMS.

Guangxia team defeated the opponents, one win and one loss, Zhejiang team (118-93, 98-109), Tongxi team and Beijing team had double foreign aid, Shanghai team and Liaoning team had single foreign aid. Tongxi defeated Lin Shuhaos Beijing alone. Before meeting Guangxia, Beijing even conquered Liaoning and Xinjiang. Liaonings morale soared after the change of command, and before facing Guangxia, Liaoning won two consecutive big victories.

It is not easy for Guangxia team, which plays with the whole Chinese team, to defeat the opponents in good condition one by one, especially Beijing and Liaoning, which are the top four teams with double foreign aid.

In the second round, 10 teams sent out the whole China team. Guangxias 6-2 record is the best in the whole Chinese class, along with Xinjiang and Zhejiang. Among the six games won by Xinjiang, three of them were against Qingdao, the other one was from Bayi, which was the bottom of the rankings; Zhejiang also had one win from August 1. Compared with the opponents, Guangshas winning game is the most valuable.

From the above data, it is not difficult to see that the difference between attack and defense efficiency is directly proportional to the teams performance, so Guangxia team is in the fourth place in the scoreboard (the same as Beijings record in the third place). As the team with the fastest attack and defense rhythm in China, it is not easy for Guangxia team to maintain such efficiency and achieve excellent results.

Its effective for fast rebounds. Although the average rebounds per game of Guangxia team is 45.4, ranking the ninth in the league, their average rebounds in the front court are 18.8, ranking the first in the league. Through the comparison of high-level data, it is not difficult to see their advantages - Guangxias TRB% has reached 53.2, ranking the third in the league, and occupying the first place in the League among all Chinese teams.

The teams EFG% (real hit rate) is one of the few and not dominant data of Guangxia team. Their data is only 49.9, ranking 11th with Xinjiang team, and also lagging behind Shanxi, Zhejiang, Shenzhen and Shandong teams in the whole Chinese team. However, with the advantage of rebounds, to a certain extent, can offset the Guangzhou Xiamen teams low shooting rate.

Internal and external dual core! Hu Jinqiu is next to King Zhou Qi, and sun Minghui leads the local list

After losing in Zhejiang in the first round of the second round, many players of Guangxia team were out of order. Only two of them were able to keep in good condition: Hu Jinqiu, who scored 26 points and 21 rebounds, and sun Minghui, who contributed 26 points and 8 assists.

If the statistical scope of the data is extended to the whole second round stage, it is not difficult to see that Hu Jinqiu and sun Minghui are the two most stable strengths of Guangxia teams attack. In the eight games of the second round, Hu Jinqiu scored 25.4 points per game and sun Minghui scored 19 points per game, ranking the top two in the scoring list of the whole team, and was significantly ahead of other players.

It is worth mentioning that Hu Jinqius average of 6.5 front court rebounds is the highest in the league, which is 1.6 more than that of the second ranked Beiguan foreign aid Molly Terry.

Lets look at the high-level data of players. In terms of per (efficiency), Hu Jinqiu and sun Minghui reached 30.5 and 21 respectively in the second round, which was significantly higher than that before the second round, and they became the main beneficiaries without foreign aid. Hu Jinqius EFG% (real hit rate) was 66, which was related to his position closest to the basket and playing the teams attack end point.

Sun Minghuis EFG% (real hit rate) is not high, only 47.9. Although ranked second in the team, Liu Zheng, Li Jinglong and his gap is not big. It is worth noting that sun Minghuis USG% (ball ownership occupancy rate) is only 22.3, which is equal to Zhao Yanhao and lower than Liu Zheng. This shows that as the main control of him, more to let his teammates share the ball right, thus driving Guangshas multi-point attack.

Whether Hu Jinqiu and sun Minghui can maintain their current state will directly determine how far Guangxia team can go in the second stage of the second round.

The whole team cooperated with tacit understanding to show the overall combat power, but the team had ups and downs, and Guangxia team gained achievements in youth training

I think its a matter of mentality. In the first half, we didnt invest enough in the defensive end of the game and let the opponent score 60 points. This is not right. We should adjust our mentality. Li Chunjiang was dissatisfied with the mentality of the players after losing Zhejiang in the first stage of the second round.

Zhao Yanhao, who was originally one of the three young players in Guangzhou and Xiamen, was not very stable in the first stage of the second round. With the increase of USG%, per does not increase much, but EFG% decreases a lot.

In terms of individual ability, Guangxia sanshao is not a superstar with strong individual combat ability. However, when they are combined into a whole, the tacit understanding of the whole team will become more powerful. This is also the deep impression that Guangxia team brings to the fans in the second round.

As for the tacit understanding of cooperation, Hu Jinqiu said: because everyone comes from the youth team, they all know each other very well, especially sun Minghui and Zhao Yanhao are the same group as me. They get along very opportunely and play together and practice together. Everyone is actively contributing to the team, giving play to their own advantages and working hard for the team. Tacit understanding will naturally come into being

Guangxia sanshao has been famous for several years. In addition, the pace of training reserve talents has not stopped. In 2017, Guangxia youth team won the championship of the National Youth Basketball League. Among the members of the champion team at that time, Wu Yujia, Zhao Jiayi, Zhao Jiaren, Zhu Junlong, Li Jinxiao, Du Jinlun, Yuan Chenyun and others have entered the list of Guangzhou Xiamen first team this season, and some of them have also gained some playing time.

This scene is very similar to the talent reserve on the eve of the rise of Guangdong team. Now, Li Chunjiang, who is in charge of the Guangxia team, is the commander-in-chief who led the team to win seven Championships in eight years and become the Guangdong Dynasty.

History is hard to copy completely, but this season may be a starting point for Li Chunjiang to lead Guangxia team to success.

The average net score of the extended reading field is 37.1 points, and the invincible loneliness of Guangdong team is also a pain. CBA announced the second stage of the second round of the second round: a competition area, the same shock! CBA released the latest progress award list, the data of Shanxi mighty general soared 14542%. Source: Netease sports Author: a Yong, editor in charge: Qiao yuanlei_ NS1098