Facebook claims that tolerance breeds hatred, and more than 750 well-known enterprises turn over?

 Facebook claims that tolerance breeds hatred, and more than 750 well-known enterprises turn over?

This weeks violent and social unrest in the United States intensified. The stop using hatred for profit initiative launched by some civil rights organizations has been responded by hundreds of well-known enterprises around the world. The object of the boycott is Facebook, the worlds largest social media platform.

According to BBC, more than 750 well-known companies around the world, including Coca Cola, Adidas, Ford Motor and Unilever, have joined the boycott in about a month from the beginning of June to July 3. These companies have announced that they have suspended advertising on Facebook platform.

According to Fox Business News, Facebooks first quarter financial report showed that advertising revenue accounted for as much as 98% of the companys revenue. Many enterprises jointly stopped advertising, which undoubtedly had a serious impact on Facebook.

According to associated press technology reporter Barbara ottoty, the trigger for such a large-scale boycott of Facebook is a series of racist content recently released by US President trump on social media platforms.

On May 28, trump issued a warning to Minnesota protestors that once a robbery occurs, gunfire will ring out..

On June 23, in response to the protestors attempt to carve out a territory in the heart of the capital, Washington, to establish a autonomous region without police, trump once again warned that if the protestors dare to do so, they will be severely attacked by force..

On June 28, trump forwarded a Florida campaign video in which a trump supporter chanted white power.. It was subsequently deleted. The slogan of white power was once uttered from the murderer who advocated white supremacy in the shooting of New Zealand mosque in March 2019.

It is worth noting that these offensive remarks were made at a time when the death of Freud ignited global anger and the image of the human rights Guardian of the United States plummeted.

Earlier, on June 12, ambassadors of 54 African countries and other international organizations in Switzerland wrote to the president of the United Nations Human Rights Council, calling on the Human Rights Council to hold an urgent debate on racial discrimination, human rights violations in the United States and the rough treatment of African Americans by the police. As early as two years ago, U.S. Secretary of state pompeio announced that the United States withdrew from the Human Rights Council on the ground that the United Nations had prejudice against Israel.

In this regard, karaczynski, editor in chief of Russias Oriental media news network, commented that American politicians often use the protection of human rights as an excuse to point fingers at other countries, but use double standards when dealing with domestic anti racist voices.

However, Facebook, which gives green light to all kinds of racist remarks by the American government and the public, plays a very disgraceful role.

Currently, hundreds of companies involved in the boycott have asked Facebook to introduce stricter verification mechanisms.

However, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg has repeatedly claimed that Facebook should not be the arbiter of information content.

In fact, this is not the first time Facebook has been accused of hate speech.

In April 2019, Zuckerberg pushed the private Facebook group function on Facebook platform. After the function is enabled, joining the group needs to be approved by the administrator and can only be joined after answering the corresponding questions. Moreover, the existence of the group can not be found through the search function.

But in the view of CNN, Facebook, in the name of privacy protection, allows hate speech to grow.

In 2019, the Southern Poverty Law Center twice submitted a list of more than 200 extreme hate groups active on Facebook. Members of these groups used Facebooks social platform to promote extreme statements such as Holocaust, white nationalism, and Nazism. So far, only 57 groups have been labeled.

In the same year, a survey conducted by real, a non-profit organization in the United States, revealed a surprising discovery. According to the survey, about 14000 of the law enforcement groups in the United States are members of hate groups on Facebook.

From prison guards to county sheriffs, from retired police officers to traffic policemen in New York City, members cover multiple levels of law enforcement agencies in the United States. On the Facebook platform, these people talked about the revival of the Commonwealth, anti Muslim, anti black, anti-government and other sensitive topics. All of these groups use the Facebook group encryption feature recommended by Zuckerberg.

According to the Washington Post, on June 26, more than 200 large-scale enterprise advertisements were withdrawn.

But just a few days later, on July 2, Facebook announced that, after verification, Trumps previously released content did not violate the companys relevant regulations and would not deal with the relevant content.

Ironically, Facebook is keen to block voices that are different from western perspectives.

In September 2019, simoniyang, editor in chief of Russia today, had his account blocked by Facebook. Facebook then apologized and restored the account, but did not give the reason for the previous blocking.

For the hypocrisy of Facebook and avoiding the important, the public opinion has pointed to the founder and CEO of Facebook Zuckerberg himself. In fact, Facebook claims that social networking platforms should not be the arbiter of facts, while it advocates double standards and allows the proliferation of Posts advocating violence and racial discrimination. As Russia today points out:

This week, the Washington Post exclusively exposed a call between trump and Zuckerberg at the end of May.

On May 29, shortly after Floyd, a black man, was killed by white police on his knees, protestors set fire to a police station in Minneapolis. In response, trump quoted the famous racist Walter Hedley on Facebook. This post of advocating violence immediately caused a stir in American society.

In a subsequent phone call, Zuckerberg was reported to be embarrassed to tell trump that the violent content in the post was putting Facebook in an embarrassing position and hoped that it could modify or delete the content. According to the description of the White House insiders quoted by the Washington Post, trump didnt care about Zuckerbergs complaint at that time. However, in the end, trump followed a post saying that his previous meaning was robbery will lead to shooting incidents and this is a statement of facts, not a threat of force.

Later, Zuckerberg said that the content of the post did not violate the companys relevant policies, and finally made the decision to keep the post.

According to the Washington Post, this face show is just the latest concession Zuckerberg has made to the White House in the past five years.

In December 2015, trump, the Republican presidential candidate, published a campaign advertisement on Facebook forbidding Muslim groups from entering the United States, which caused great controversy.

Although the ad caused serious dissatisfaction among ethnic minorities at that time, Joel Kaplan, the vice president of Facebooks global policy and a well-known Republican lobbyist in Washington, finally convinced Zuckerberg and, on the ground of improving relations with the government, changed the relevant verification rules of Facebook to allow politicians to post on Facebook platform Political speech.

According to the Washington Post, Facebook did nothing to deal with political ads that promote hatred, leading to social media being abused by politicians.

According to the US media Vox, in 2016, Facebook hired the website, the daily teller, founded by Tucker Carlson, as the third-party auditing agency to audit the information published on the platform. Facebook then hired former Republican Senator John Kyle to conduct a third-party verification of the fairness mechanism on the platform.

The New York Times noted that under government pressure, Facebooks touted audit rules could also be customized. Political ads that challenge the bottom line can also be introduced with money.

Although Zuckerberg had no comment on the content of his conversation with trump, NBC noted that Zuckerberg changed the rules governing Facebook again after dinner.

According to reports, Facebook is the worlds largest social media platform, with a monthly active number of 2.45 billion users, reaching about a third of the global audience.

In 2018, Cambridge analytics stole as many as 87 million users private data information through the monopoly of Facebook, so as to accurately push advertisements and even fake news to users, and intervene in the US election and brexit referendum.

At that time, many netizens launched a boycott of unloading facebook.

In July 2020, Facebook reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission of the United States, which eventually cost money.

At a recent Facebook internal meeting, Zuckerberg had threatened that he believed the advertisers would return soon, according to the BBC.

On June 29, common sense media, one of the initiators of the boycott, called on global forces to join in the fight against Facebook.

According to the analysis of CNBC in the United States, the success of the boycott depends on whether small enterprises will eventually join. At present, the overwhelming majority of the boycotts are large enterprises. Among the more than 8 million advertisers owned by Facebook, the proportion of small enterprises is as high as 75%. Among them, a large number of DTC type small companies that face consumers seriously rely on Facebook to lock in targeted audiences.

When talking about Facebooks vision, Zuckerberg said he wanted to use Facebook to build a global community that helps each other, is safe and inclusive. Todays Facebook, on the other hand, is labeled as a breeding ground for hatred and division. The huge gap between a good vision and a cruel reality has to be thought-provoking. According to the analysis of the BBC, if more companies are willing to join in the current boycott so that the boycott can last until autumn or even longer, it is likely to force a real change in Facebook and even the global social media rules.

Source: CCTV editor: Qiao JunJing_ NBJ11279