Do you want to turn your face? British media say the UK will exclude Huaweis 5g network construction within the latest year

 Do you want to turn your face? British media say the UK will exclude Huaweis 5g network construction within the latest year

According to the daily telegraph, British government officials are currently drafting a proposal to stop using Huawei equipment in 5g network construction as soon as six months, and to speed up the dismantling of installed Huawei equipment. According to the report, the reason for the UK governments sudden change of 5g policy is that in a report, GCHQ believes that the US sanctions against Huawei will force the latter to use untrusted technology, which may cause the potential risks to be uncontrollable. The report quoted British government sources as saying that the above report of GCHQ means that there will be a fundamental change in Britains attitude towards Huawei. British media said British Prime Minister Johnson may hold a meeting of the National Security Council to finalize a new strategy, which will be announced at a parliamentary meeting later this month.

In January this year, the Johnson administration, under pressure from some anti China politicians in the United States and China, allowed Huawei to participate in the countrys 5g network construction to a limited extent. However, after the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, Britains attitude towards HUAWEI has gradually shifted. Recently, the promulgation and implementation of Hong Kongs national security law has made more British politicians clamour to stop Huawei as soon as possible. In an interview with the media recently, Johnson hinted that Huawei was a supplier of potential hostile countries and sent out a signal of boycott against Huawei.

Some countries led by the United States have repeatedly accused Huawei of the existence of the so-called security threat, but they have never provided actual evidence. Huawei has repeatedly denied the charges. The Daily Telegraph quoted a Huawei spokesman as saying on the 4th that Huawei is the most severely censored supplier in the world, and it is important to be based on facts rather than speculation. A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in the UK recently criticized US politicians for discrediting Huawei and Chinas 5g development, saying that Huawei is the first Telecom Company in the world that has publicly promised to sign a back door agreement and is the only telecommunications company to accept third-party testing and supervision. So far, no American company has been able to do that. Since 2010, Huawei has taken the initiative to establish a network security assessment center in the UK, where British professionals evaluate Huawei products. This not only shows Huaweis confidence in the safety and reliability of its products, but also reflects Huaweis determination to open up cooperation and win-win development with countries around the world, including the UK.

Cui Hongjian, director of the European Institute of the Chinese Academy of international studies, told the global times on the 5th that for Huawei, the UK had been trying to solve the pressure from the United States by technical means, but the Hong Kong issue has fundamentally changed the countrys position on China, and Huaweis problems are included.

According to public opinion, banning Huawei may cost the UK a lot. Vodafone, the UK network service provider, said last month that the UK would lose its leading position in 5g development if Huawei was banned. According to an industry report, 5g development in the UK ranks sixth in the world, second in Europe and second in Switzerland, according to an industry report. Vodafone estimates that banning Huawei will cost hundreds of millions of pounds. The times analyzed that it was impossible to remove all Huawei Technologies from the UK mobile network because of the huge cost, and it is still unrealistic for Nokia and Ericsson to replace Huaweis network equipment at present. The times also reported last month that BT and Vodafone rely heavily on Huaweis equipment for their 4G infrastructure. If the government continues to push ahead with the ban on Huawei, the two companies will need to strip Huawei equipment from about 19000 cell phone towers.

In this regard, Cui Hongjian believes that the British ban on Huawei is certainly not cost-effective from an economic point of view, but it can ensure the British governments political security or political correctness, which is a priority option for the UK at present.

Cui Hongjian also further analyzed that Britains judgment on Sino British economic and trade cooperation is also changing. Britain had previously been able to reap economic benefits from cooperation with China and the United States at the same time. But now the game between China and the United States is intensifying, and Britains space is getting smaller. As a result, it has to readjust the priority of external benefits. The policy tends to be conservative, and the priority of the United States is set at the top and Chinas priority is adjusted after. Britain will stick to this thinking for some time to come.

Source: Global Times editor in charge: Qiao JunJing_ NBJ11279