Why do you smell like piss? Her husbands question made her dare not go out without holding the baby

 Why do you smell like piss? Her husbands question made her dare not go out without holding the baby

My parents and parents are ready for all the expenses at home. I didnt have to go out to do business. Besides, I was afraid that other people would smell my urine. If I didnt hold the baby and there was no shield, it would be embarrassing. This is what Xiaojing has been afraid to tell people.

Not long ago, his father found Zhang Haifeng, director of Rehabilitation Department of Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine because of low back pain. After learning about this, Xiao Jing thinks that she also has a back pain problem after childbirth, so she also wants to ask doctor Zhang.

During the consultation, Xiao Jing said that when standing up after sitting for a long time or lying on ones side, low back pain will be more obvious. Based on her experience, Zhang Haifeng thinks that her low back pain may be related to the disorder of pelvic joint after delivery. After further asking a lot of questions, Xiaojing shyly said the problem of urine leakage. Now, everything is clear.

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In the process of pregnancy and childbirth, womens body will undergo some major changes. For example, during pregnancy, as the fetus grows, the pelvis is stretched out and deformed, the contents of the abdominal cavity after childbirth are reduced, but the pelvis fails to return to its original position, and urethral sphincter relaxation. Therefore, low back pain and urinary incontinence are common postpartum left over problems. Zhang Haifeng said. According to the survey, 50% - 60% of women have different degrees of postpartum low back pain, 15% - 20% of women have postpartum urinary incontinence. Whats worse is that Xiaojing has both problems.

However, these so-called unspeakable are not without solutions. Zhang Haifeng made relevant examinations for Xiaojing and formulated a comprehensive treatment plan of biofeedback combined with acupuncture. The treatment course was only half of the course, and the embarrassment that had plagued Xiaojing for more than two years was obviously relieved. At a recent treatment, her husband who accompanied her quietly said to Dr. Zhang: she talks more now, smiles on her face, and my day has become sunny.

Zhang Haifeng said that female postpartum urinary incontinence is kidney qi deficiency in traditional Chinese medicine. When acupuncture, the corresponding acupoints can be taken in the abdomen to strengthen the body and strengthen the foundation; in western medicine, it is the relaxation of urethral sphincter. Through biofeedback combined with caudal and sacral acupoint acupuncture, it stimulates pelvic floor nerve, promotes its control of pelvic muscle and urethra latissimus muscle, so as to improve muscle contraction ability Finally, the ability of self-control of urine was improved.

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This is the most impressive patient for me. A person has suffered a lot in silence. Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine urology director Jiang Shaobo said. Because of the inherent particularity of womens physiological structure, coupled with the unique mission of childbearing, the incidence of urinary incontinence is very high. However, we know too little about this disease. Moreover, most people are shy of mentioning it. Some people will occasionally talk to their little sisters, but when they hear that everyone has it, they think it is normal. But they do not know that they are all in a state of illness, and with the aggravation of the disease And it will gradually affect their quality of life.

Once upon a time, an 88 year old woman had to ask Jiang Shaobo to operate on her. The old man said that she liked to dance and go out to play, but it was a big problem to leak urine when she stood up. She had no diapers, so she prepared a lot of diapers. She often went out with a pile of Dry Diapers and went home with a bag of wet diapers. When she got out of bed after smooth operation, she was so excited that she no longer leaked urine.

Similar patients, two doctors have received countless. The last week of June is world urinary incontinence week, which aims to raise awareness of urinary incontinence disease worldwide. On July 1, the Department of Urology, obstetrics and Gynecology, acupuncture and Rehabilitation Department of the provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine jointly carried out the theme free diagnosis.

Urinary incontinence can be divided into urgent urinary incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, filling urinary incontinence and so on. Different types and mild degree of urinary incontinence have different treatment methods. Some need surgery, some only need rehabilitation physiotherapy or acupuncture, and some also need combined mental and psychological intervention, so we can provide patients with the most scientific, economic and effective solutions through multidisciplinary cooperation. Jiang Shaobo said.