In the United States, 37632 new cases were confirmed, and 2874396 cases were confirmed

 In the United States, 37632 new cases were confirmed, and 2874396 cases were confirmed

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is spreading rapidly worldwide. The World Health Organization (who) said more than 210000 new cases were confirmed in a single day in all its member states on the 4th, a new record. As of the early morning of June 6, when our reporter published a report, there were more than 11.31 million confirmed cases and more than 530000 deaths. The World Health Organization is calling on countries with serious epidemic situation to wake up, recognize the facts and start to control the epidemic as soon as possible, and do not quarrel endlessly. Details > >

[President of Kenya: African epidemic may worsen in the coming months

Kenya President Kenyatta said novel coronavirus pneumonia was limited in the evening of 4 ISCP-Africa evening. However, the African countries had taken active measures to slow down the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The situation in Africa should be better than that in many other parts of the world. The African continent has a population of 1.2 billion, with more than 400000 confirmed cases and more than 10000 deaths, compared with 15% of the confirmed population and 7% of the mortality rate in the United States. Details > >

New cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Africa have increased rapidly to 463 thousand.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 463306 cases of 54 cases of new crown pneumonia, 11086 cases died and 222304 cases recovered after the Eastern African time in July 5th.

At present, the southern part of Africa is most seriously affected by the epidemic, followed by northern Africa, mainly including South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana and other countries.

[the number of newly confirmed cases in Florida in a single day is the highest since the outbreak in the United States