La Liga - Lionel Messis two send assists to break the gauntlet, Barcelona 4-1 to break Huang Qian

 La Liga - Lionel Messis two send assists to break the gauntlet, Barcelona 4-1 to break Huang Qian

The fourth minute Sergi - Roberto straight pass, Alba cross left, Pao - Torres before the ball into his own net. 1-0, Barcelona lead early! The 10th minute Messi Central Road points the ball, compared to the Dahl forbidden area right side kicks high.

In 20 minutes, Messi broke through the goal after grabbing in the midfield, and Suarez shot the far corner from the left side of the restricted area. 2-1, Barcelona lead again! Suarez harvested the 194th goal of Barcelona career and tied with kubara for the third place in the teams history shooter list.

30 minutes chuuze forbidden area arc right side big shot, the ball higher than the beam, Villarreal replaced Paco with bacca. In 37 minutes, Angela passed through the middle of the field, and bacca shot from a small angle on the right side of the restricted area, and terstegen lifted the ball out with one hand. One minute later, grizman crossed the left, and bidals right foot shot was saved. After 45 minutes, Messi pulled the ball back and grizman hit the far corner in front of the left forbidden area. 3-1, Barcelona expand the advantage, grizman break the 8 round goal shortage!

At the beginning of the second half, Villarreal replaced ivara and Gerard Moreno with Bruno and MOI Gomez. In 53 minutes, bidals right-hand cross, grizmans chest pass, Messis mid area curl shot was caught. Villarreal replaced casola with tregros. In 58 minutes, bydal went straight. Suarez crossed Arsenio on the right side of the restricted area and shot the middle side net from a small angle. Barcelona replaced Suarez and Semedo with rajitic and Puji. 66 minutes, lakititch left cross, bidal forbidden area arc right side push shot was saved.

Villarreal (4-4-2): 1-arsenio / 2-gaspa, 3-albiol, 4-pao-torres, 18-alberto-moreno / 11-chuuze, 19 angusa, 10-evola (4621-bruno), 8-casola (5614-trigros) / 7-herard-moreno (4623-moi-gomes), 17-paco (369-bacca (7134-ninio))

Barcelona (4-3-3): 1-terstegen / 2-semedo (6028-puji), 3-pique (8333-araujo), 15 Langley, 18-alba / 20-sergi-roberto, 5-busquets (7219-breivit), 22-bidar / 10-messi, 9-suarez (604-lachitic), 17-grizman (7231-fati)