US media criticized Trumps dark speech: he is turning America into a cesspit country

 US media criticized Trumps dark speech: he is turning America into a cesspit country

One, two, three, four, slavery, genocide and war. 5u3001 Six, seven, eight, America has never been great! On the 4th of local time, a group of protestors burned the American flag amid slogans in the square now known as black life is life outside the White House. Not long ago, trump delivered a speech at the salute America celebration on the South Lawn of the White House, praising we are one America, we put the United States (interests) first. France Presse said confrontation and disunity have become the hallmarks of this years independence day.

CNN summed up Trumps Independence Day speech with a speech that created deep divisions.. He vowed to defend American values, saying he was defeating the radical left, anarchists, demagogues, looters and, in many cases, completely unaware of what they were doing, and stressed that angry thugs are not allowed to tear down our statues and erase our history.. The associated press commented that the president did not hesitate to take the national birthday as an opportunity to attack those who did not support him, and his speech was full of discontent and belligerence in political rallies.

This continues what trump said the night before in Mount Rushmore. On March 3, he and his family went to South Dakota to hold a flying show and a fireworks feast in front of the Presidents mountain, and completed a speech live on television. In the speech, which amounts to a cultural war, trump called anti racial inequality demonstrations a threat to the foundations of the U.S. political system, CNN said.

Trump signed an executive order to build American hero National Park on March 3 to display historical figures. In Baltimore on the evening of the 4th, local protestors pulled down a statue of Columbus and threw it into the citys inner harbor waters. Earlier in the day, trump said in his speech that he would defend the American way of life when Columbus discovered the American continent.

This tit for tat atmosphere is more direct online. On twitter, a large number of black American netizens launched a boycott of independence day. Some white netizens asked those who attacked independence day to leave the United States. Anti racist protests are still taking place in many parts of the United States. On the 4th, a car crashed into a group of protestors on an interstate highway in Seattle, killing one person and seriously injuring another.

White Houses new strategy: promoting coexistence with virus

As can be seen from the video and photo reports of American media, many guests gathered on the South Lawn of the White House to listen to trumps speech on the 4th, and few people wore masks. On that night, a huge fireworks display was held at the national Plaza in Washington, D.C. Organizers claim to provide 300000 masks for the public, but they are not required to wear them. The previous day, about 7500 people participated in the presidential mountain activity, and the seats were densely packed. The Wall Street Journal said trump insisted on holding large-scale celebrations despite warnings from many public health experts while the epidemic was still spreading rapidly.

Trump said in his speech on the 4th that great progress has been made in the fight against the epidemic and that the strategy is progressing smoothly, we have learned how to put out the flames. He moved out of the previously refuted claim that the United States has more confirmed cases because of more tests. We have now tested nearly 40 million people, 99 percent of which are completely harmless, trump said. No other country has such a result because they have not been tested as we do, in terms of quantity or quality. He also once again claimed groundlessly that China must be responsible for the virus..

CNN commented that July 4 this year is a gloomy day for the United States. Many people are confined to their homes, and the surge in the number of cases is worrying. In a confusing and dangerous misleading statement, trump asserted in the absence of evidence that 99% of the cases in the United States are completely harmless in an attempt to minimize the threat of the virus. However, on independence day, 45000 cases were confirmed in the United States, and at least three states set new records. Among them, 11458 new cases were confirmed in Florida on a single day, surpassing New York State, which had the largest number of new cases in the United States. On March 3, at least 51842 new cases were confirmed in the United States, and more than 50000 cases were added in a single day for the third time.

The New York Times reported that when trump spoke, the audience included doctors and nurses and other front-line anti epidemic workers. American historian Brinkley said: at least trump should give a speech on this day, saying that we have a new hero - American medical workers and technicians, and that one day hospitals and memorials will be named after them. But hes just playing to protect monuments and statues. What a mess

To make matters worse, the White House is ready to launch a new set of rhetoric in the face of the epidemic chaos. NBC quoted senior White House officials as saying the White House wants to send a more thought-provoking and appropriate message to the public in the new week, that is, to coexist with the virus, because the White House is aware that the epidemic will continue until the November election. Several of Trumps senior advisers are saying that the United States will move forward even if it is still in the epidemic. At the same time, the White House will focus on how low the death rate of the new coronavirus.

US media: the United States is becoming a cesspit country

Trumps speech caused great controversy. Biden, who locked in the Democratic Partys presidential nomination in advance, quickly seized the opportunity to make a contrast. On the 4th, he said in the video that the United States has the opportunity to root out the root causes of systematic racism from this country. One of the most patriotic things you can do on Independence Day this year is to wear a mask, he tweeted

As social antagonism intensifies, American media are worried about the national image. According to the Atlantic Monthly, the number of confirmed and dead people in the United States has become a world miracle and caused fear and anxiety. Reckless nationalism has made Americans unpopular in Europe and Mexico. Stupid and meaningless competition between countries is still in the minds of some people. Trump is turning the United States into a cesspit state he worries about.

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