Hu Xijin: the division of American society is approaching zero sum, which is not a good omen

 Hu Xijin: the division of American society is approaching zero sum, which is not a good omen

American media accused him of transmitting the signal of cultural war, and criticized his campaign speech aimed at consolidating the base of white supporters, which was intended to please some voters and deliberately offend other Americans. Critics have accused the president of not speaking to all Americans, let alone trying to bridge the divide. According to the analysis, trump is taking making greater division as a bet to win and re-election.

This years national day in the United States is indeed unusual. Lao Hu gives a brief review. First, novel coronavirus pneumonia cannot withstand a single blow in the global epidemic of new crown pneumonia. Its ability to control the epidemic and its adherence to humanitarianism fall to the bottom of human society. No matter how the U.S. government interprets all this, it will seriously erode the pride of American citizens and the respect for the United States by people all over the world.

The trump death clock truck goes to Washington before the July 4 celebration. The truck will display statistics on the U.S. new crown epidemic on three different sides of the vehicle, be equipped with a real-time death number tracking system, and will read the names of the new crown victims aloud through the loudspeaker.

Second, the United States is being hijacked by a radical political culture, losing the ease and steadiness of superpower policy-making. The United States no longer pays attention to the use of its own charisma, but carries out coercion in almost all directions.

Lao Hu also said that in developing countries like China, in the past, many people worshipped the United States and regarded it as an example in many aspects. However, now, especially since this year, the Chinese people have re understood the United States to a great extent, discovered a large number of institutional defects, and even saw the serious contradiction of American society to scientific laws. This is certainly the worst time for the US international image in a long time.

A man throws an American flag into the fire during a protest in Columbus square, New York.

Moreover, the internal division of the United States has far exceeded the political pluralism corresponding to the western style election system, and has become a real irreconcilability among different internal forces. The conflict between different powers in the United States has broken through the constitutional regulation of the country more and more. It is no longer harmonious but different, but has a profound zero sum relationship. This is by no means a good omen for a great power.

The slogan the life of a black man is also a life beside the American flag.

The population structure change of the United States is approaching the critical point, which forms a strong pressure on the basic value structure of the United States, and the concept of mainstream is changing. The United States is at a crossroads: to adapt to this change and constantly revise the original mainstream value system, or to adhere to the traditional mainstream national identity of white + Christian + English? Its a difficult choice. The swing is inevitable, and every swing can be painful.

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