Premier League - Adams volley at Fernando central pillar Manchester Citys 0-1 Saints

 Premier League - Adams volley at Fernando central pillar Manchester Citys 0-1 Saints

In this game, Aguero continued to be injured and absent, and gersuss starting partner, sterling and mahres. In midfield, debrourne was the substitute. In the eighth minute, Southampton took the lead in creating a threat and Raymonds free kick was blocked out by the wall. In the 16th minute, zinchenko was snatched by Armstrong when he got the ball. The latter broke the ball and handed it to Adams. Adams suddenly started to shoot near the middle circle. At this time, Edson wanted to chase back, but he was unable to recover. He could only watch the ball run into the net, Southampton took the lead, 1-0! The 22nd minute, cannello forbidden area right side sweeps in front of the gate, the Gesus left foot pad shoots high. The 27th minute, zinchenko left under the bottom of the knock, David Silva follow-up right foot push was blocked.

In the 30th minute, gersuss sent a wonderful pass. Stirling drove the ball into the left side of the forbidden area and ejected at a small angle. The ball hit the column and bounced back to the field and was cleared. Fernando Silva hit the ball hard and the door was blocked by the column again. Bernardo Silva crossed, David Silvas header was defused by McCarthy, and city missed the chance to level the score. In the 37th minute, cancelo cut the ball in the front court, bucked prauss, and then sent a oblique block. Mahres small angle shot in the restricted area was blocked by McCarthy. After half-time, city were 0-1 behind Southampton.

In the second half, the two sides exchanged sides to fight again. The first 50 minutes, Fernando box right back hit, David Silva with the ball turned to be blocked. In the 55th minute, cancelos right-hand ball was passed, and rezus forbidden area was emptied and the right foot hook shot was dissolved. Subsequently, city changed two people in a row, Foden, debrane came on stage to replace sterling and mahres respectively. In the 75th minute, zinchenkos left cross was blocked and debrauer turned and volleyed higher than the crossbeam. The 84th minute, Laporte forbidden area outside the left foot strong volley high. City lost 1-0 to Southampton at the end of the match.

Name list of both parties:

Southampton (4-4-2): 1-mccarthy / 24 Peters, 5-stephens, 35 Bednarek, 21 Bertrand / 17 Armstrong, 16 prouss, 14 Romeu, 22 Raymond / 9-ins, 10-adams (707-shaun long)

Manchester City (4-3-3): 31 - Edson / 27 - cancelo, 50 - Garcia, 14 - Laporte, 11 - zinchenko / 20 - Bernardo Silva, 25 - Fernando, 21 - David Silva / 26 - mahres (5817 - de Brauner), 9 - gersus, 7 - Stirling (5847 - Forden)