Premier League - Manets stalemate, Jones wins Premier Leagues first goal, Liverpools 2-0 win over Villa

 Premier League - Manets stalemate, Jones wins Premier Leagues first goal, Liverpools 2-0 win over Villa

Before the match, villa players lined up at the entrance of the players channel to welcome the new league champions Liverpool. As captain Henderson was off duty, Van Dyke led the team to the stage with the captains armband. In the fifth minute, Salah was knocked down with the ball in the penalty area, but the referee thought that the villa player did not foul. In the 12th minute, villa star Gregory was suspected to be injured. Fortunately, his injury was not serious and he returned to the stadium after being examined and treated by the team doctor.

In the 21st minute, grilish passed the free kick from the right side of the front court into the forbidden area. Ngoyos header in the middle of the forbidden area was higher than the crossbar, which was the first shot of the two teams after the opening. In the 29th minute, ngoyo was suspected of handball when he cleared the corner in the forbidden area, but his hand was close to his trunk, so the referee Tierney did not punish the handball. In the 37th minute, Arnold hit on the right side of the front court, and MANET picked the cross from the side. The small angle shot from the right side of Salahs restricted area was confiscated by Reina.

At the end of half-time, Liverpool drew 0-0 at home.

Yi Bian fought again. In the 47th minute, Arnold received the ball from the right side and 45 degrees oblique pass. Salah failed to seize the first landing point, and origi failed to cover up the position. In the 50th minute, McKinley made a straight stop in the front court. Grilish went into the forbidden area and started to hit the door directly. The referee raised the flag to indicate that grilish was in the offside position when he received the ball. One minute later, villa launched a counterattack, 4-2 in the front court, Al - Gazi in the right side of the forbidden area after receiving the ball, the ball was blocked out of the baseline by erison.

In the 59th minute, Liverpool changed three men in a row, replacing origi with fermino, Chamberlain with Henderson and fabinho with vinaldum. In 63 minutes, glalish broke through with the ball after receiving the ball in the front field, cut in the front edge of the forbidden area, and directly started to hit the door after entering the range, and the ball hit vinaldum.

The 70th minute, Arnold points the ball to the left side of the penalty area, Keita hits to find mane, the latter catches the ball and pushes the ball successfully, 1-0, Liverpool broke the deadlock on the field.

The 89th minute, Robertson on the left side of the cross, Salah head a little, Jones direct foot to hit the door, the ball into the net, 2-0, Liverpool locked in the victory.

At the end of the game, Liverpool beat villa 2-0 at home.

List of both parties

Liverpool (4-3-3): 1-alison / 66 Arnold, 12 Gomes, 4-van dyke, 26 Robertson (9376 Nico Williams) / 15 Chamberlain (5914-henderson), 3-fabinho (595-vinaldum), 8-nabi-ketta (8448-curtis Jones) / 11-salah, 27-origi (599-fermino), 10-manet

Vera (4-3-3): 29 Reina / 15 ngoyo, 30 house, 40 mins, 3-taylor / 7-mckin, 6-douglas-louis, 10-gralish / 21-al-ghazi (7320-samata), 39 Kenan Davis (7323-horta), 17-trezeguet (8436-vasilev)