Serie A - Lukaku scored, lautaro lost points, inter 1-2 was reversed, still ranked third

 Serie A - Lukaku scored, lautaro lost points, inter 1-2 was reversed, still ranked third

In the 13th minute of the first half of the game, Ashley young picked and passed the forbidden area. Lukaku stopped the ball, turned and then pushed the goal. However, the referee indicated that Lukakus handball fouled and the goal was invalid. The first 18 minutes, Eriksson right-hand cross, Lukakus front point was disturbed, the ball was directly touched the bottom line.

The first 21 minutes, candela will be the oblique pass to the left, Ashley young cross, lautaro header was blocked by the goal column, Lukaku make-up shot, inter 1-0 lead. The 27th minute, Ashley young small angle doggerel attack the door to the bottom line. The 29th minute, Eriksson corner kick, lautaro volleys the ball to the ground and flies out of the baseline.

In the second half, the two teams changed sides to fight again. The 48th minute, kandereva forbidden area outside the long-range shot attack was saved by skolupsky. In the 52nd minute, Barlows long-range shot was blocked by the goal post. In the 57th minute, Soriano tripped over galliardini from behind and was convicted of a foul. Soriano was dissatisfied with the sentence and was directly sent off with a red card.

In the 74th minute, dansvilles side line ball was thrown into the forbidden area, and the defensive player failed to kick the ball. Musa juwala volleyed the ball and the score was tied to 1-1.

The first 77 minutes, Bastoni robbed Musa - juwala overturned, received the second yellow card was sent off.

The 80 th minute, Domingo Si slant passes the forbidden area, Barlow small angle pushes the goal, Bologna 2-1 counter surpasses the score.

Inter Milan (3412): 1-handanovic / 95 Bastoni, 6-de Vray, 33-danbrosio / 15-ashleyan (8534-biraji), 77-brozovic (8820-barero), 5-galliardini (888-besino), 87-candela / 24-eriksson (757-sanchez) / 10-rautaro-martinez (8530-esposito), 9-lukaku

Bologna (433): 28 scolupsky / 35 Dix, 4-dansville, 23 Danilo, 14 Fuan Jianyang (6513-barney) / 8-domingo (8834-baldusen), 30 shuteng, 21 Soriano / 10-sansoney (6526-musa-juwala), 99 Barlow (8532-swanberg), 7-osorini (6524-palacio)

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