Wu Lei scored only second to the bottom of the team, with few chances to return to the starting line

 Wu Lei scored only second to the bottom of the team, with few chances to return to the starting line

Before the game, leganese scored 25 points and the Spaniard had 24 points. The gap between the last two teams and the last one was 10 and 11 points away from the safety zone. Therefore, the Spaniard must make full use of the advantage of the home court to get 3 points, so as to have a chance of life, even or negative relegation is a matter of time.

On the premise that there is only a chance of relegation only after winning, rufite changed the formation of 4231, sent Wu Lei and de Thomas to partner, and changed the formation to 442 to strengthen the offensive. However, the Spaniard did not change the scene because of the change of formation. Wu Lei in the appearance 64 minutes time, only two show the opportunity.

The first was the third minute of half-time, when embarbas right-hand cross, Wu Leis small restricted area line, under the interference of bustingsa, headed the goal and deflected to the right column. The other was in the 47th minute, when Wu Lei passed the ball from the left, and nberba pushed the ball in front of the goal. However, Wu Lei was offside when he received the ball and the goal was invalid.

When the game went on to 64 minutes, Wu Lei was replaced by Carlisle. After the game, in the famous website who score, Wu Lei and frontline partner de Thomas only got 5.9 points. Substitute Wu Lei appeared and was sent off by red card before the end of the match, Carlisle became the lowest in the team, only 4.8 points.

Despite his hard work on the court, Wu Lei still has the same problem: too little support, too little support! In fact, its not that teammates dont trust Wu Lei. Top center Thomas De Thomas gets a handful of shells. In midfield, with the exception of Roca, the creativity of other players is extremely limited, and the performance of embarba and dadel on the side is also very general.

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