Accurate knowledge of change, scientific response and active change

 Accurate knowledge of change, scientific response and active change

Xi Jinping: the situation is changing, tasks are changing and job demands are changing. We must accurately understand changes, scientifically respond to contingency and take the initiative to change. We should take the solution of practical problems as the starting point for formulating reform plans, and put emphasis on the reform of the overall situation of economic and social development, reform involving major institutional innovations, and the promotion of peoples sense of gain.

This speech came from general secretary Xi Jinpings speech at the summing up conference on deepening the reform of Party and state institutions in July 5, 2019.

Deepening the reform of Party and state institutions is an important move to comprehensively deepen the reform. General secretary Xi Jinpings important exposition, which shines the brilliance of Marx doctrine, provides a scientific ideological weapon for consolidating the achievements of institutional reform and promoting the comprehensive deepening of reform.

Todays world is experiencing a great change that has not happened in a century. In the face of the new situation, we must coordinate the domestic and international situations, constantly consolidate the foundation of our own development, make good use of the favorable conditions created by deepening the reform of Party and state institutions, promote the implementation of various reforms, cultivate new opportunities in the crisis and open up a new situation in the changing situation.

Accurate knowledge of change, scientific response and active change embody the practical viewpoint of Marxist philosophy. Practice determines understanding, and cognition has a counter effect on practice. It requires us to recognize the existing problems and difficulties while fully affirming the achievements of reform, and constantly deepen our understanding according to the changes of the times and the development of practice. While firmly implementing the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee, we should give full play to the subjective initiative, carry out the work creatively and play a good combination of reform.

The more arduous the task of reform is, the more we need to highlight actual results and make every effort to tackle key problems. The more we need to maintain strategic determination, solve difficult problems, solve new problems, focus on solving practical problems, and implement the work. The broad masses of Party members and cadres should maintain the fighting attitude of seizing the day and night, striving for success and the struggle spirit of advancing with more difficulties and dangers, continue to improve the functional system of the party and state organs, promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity, and constantly create a new situation of comprehensively deepening reform.