The new coronavirus is more infectious and the vaccine under development will become ineffective?

 The new coronavirus is more infectious and the vaccine under development will become ineffective?

There are two possibilities for a mutated virus. One is that although the transmission is stronger, the consequences of infection are not so serious. Second, the spread of the virus is not only wider, but also more aggressive. The mutated virus spreads faster, but its pathogenicity does not increase and will not aggravate the disease, CNN reported on the 3rd. Another research team through quantitative analysis concluded that the virus mutation may be one of the reasons why the new outbreak spread so rapidly around the world.

Zhang Hongtao pointed out that although the new coronavirus has mutated, the mutation speed is not as fast as that of influenza virus. Even if the second wave of new coronavirus comes again, it can be considered that people who have been infected before still have immunity. Therefore, if mass immunization has been established after the first wave of infection, the second wave will not be too serious.

At present, there is no definite schedule for the delivery of the effective new coronavirus vaccine, but there may be candidate vaccines showing effectiveness against the new coronavirus by the end of this year. On June 26, local time, sumia swaminatan, chief scientist of the World Health Organization, said that more than 200 new coronal vaccines are being developed worldwide, and 15 of them have entered the stage of human clinical trials. Zhang Hongtao said that due to the slow speed of virus mutation, once the new crown vaccine is developed, even if the virus strain has mutated, the vaccine will not become invalid.

In view of whether the mutated virus will be more infectious, Zhang Hongtao believes that the mutation of the virus can not be stopped, and it is important to pay more attention to scientific response. First of all, dont panic. The emergence of panic will reduce the efficiency of epidemic prevention. In other words, even if the virus deteriorates, we are confident that we can overcome it. Chinas prevention and measures have reached the acme that human beings can do. Secondly, the current situation is developing in a good direction. No matter whether the virus is getting stronger or weaker, as long as the epidemic is still in place, we should take protective measures, wear masks, wash hands frequently, and have fewer gatherings.

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