US bombers return to the South China Sea with dual carriers in Guam

 US bombers return to the South China Sea with dual carriers in Guam

A b-52h took part in the exercises of the US nuclear powered aircraft carriers Nimitz and Ronald Reagan in the South China Sea before arriving in Guam, according to a news released on the US Pacific Air Force website on the 5th. The bomber task force demonstrated the ability of the United States to rapidly deploy to the forward combat base and carry out long-range strike missions, said Lt. Col. Christopher Duff, commander of the 96th expeditionary Bomber Squadron The ability to move.

The U.S. Navy announced on the 4th that two strike groups with nuclear powered aircraft carriers, Nimitz and Ronald Reagan, as their flagship, will begin cruising in the South China Sea. The U.S. Pacific Fleet said that in the process of air defense and air strike operations, carrier strike groups with frigates will exercise against possible attacks by the enemy..

Together with intercontinental missiles and strategic nuclear submarines, b-52h bombers are regarded as the three major nuclear vehicles of the United States. They can carry 31 tons of explosives at most and fly more than 6400 kilometers. They can carry out missions alone. B-52 is the backbone of the U.S. bomber force, which has a history of more than 60 years. The U.S. military is expected to use B-52 bombers until 2050.

Wang Yanan, editor in chief of aviation knowledge, told the global times on the 5th that the relocation of b-52h and the announcement of US military exercises in the South China Sea are not coincidental, but a kind of coincidence. On the one hand, it shows the US militarys long-range strike force in Guam, and at the same time, it also shows the strength of the aircraft carrier battle group at sea.

B-52hs return to Guam reflects the US militarys operational concept of dynamic use of force. Its purpose is to make major military deployment unpredictable, so as to make potential adversaries nervous. It can be predicted that b-52h strategic bombers returning to Guam will cruise around the South China Sea and the East China Sea to show their muscles.

Wang Yanan believes that the U.S. bomber force will continue to exist in Guam. Although B52 is old and old, it is equipped with long-range precision guidance weapons that can be launched in the air. Its targets can include the nearby sea area with the center of Guam and even the surface ship targets with a longer distance. In other words, it can pose a greater threat to the US Maritime opponents. In particular, it can form a relatively strong maritime combat capability with the U.S. maritime aircraft carrier battle group. It should be said that the U.S. military now regards the base in Guam as a base with sea power advantages throughout the Western Pacific Ocean.

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