The master was cheated by 490000 in playing games. After calling the police, he was cheated 130000 by the same person that night

 The master was cheated by 490000 in playing games. After calling the police, he was cheated 130000 by the same person that night

The day before, he had come to the police station to report that he had been cheated 490000 yuan. I didnt expect to be cheated by the same person for 130000 in less than one day.

Credulity makes quick money in a short time and loses more than 490000 yuan

When I added that person, the other side said that playing a game can make a lot of money in a short time. On June 19, Mr. Xu met a person with a nickname of Yiyu through a social app at home.

Yiyu shared a website. Without much thought, Mr. Xu clicked into the website and downloaded an app called cloud intelligence group on his mobile phone. After registering his account, Mr. Xu recharged his account with 500 yuan and made a game bet with Yiyu. In less than half an hour, Mr. Xu won more than 100 yuan. When he went to work the next day, Mr. Xu recharged 9500 yuan and successfully withdrew cash after making a profit of 1800 yuan. Mr. Xu, who became more and more courageous, began to charge a large sum of money, and successively added ten and fifty thousand to the bank account on the app.

When his account shows a balance of 600000 yuan, Mr. Xu wants to withdraw cash in full. He was prompted by the system that he needed 1.5 million yuan of game water to operate. He realized that he had been cheated, and then he called the police in a hurry.

Dont trust them any more! Dont recharge! Remember it On June 25, after accepting the case, the police gave Mr. Xu a thousand instructions. But I didnt expect that as soon as he got home, Mr. Xu, who was not willing to go back home, made the same mistake again.

At this time, the customer service of the platform took the initiative to contact Mr. Xu, claiming that as long as you recharge 188888 yuan, you can increase the multiple rate of the current account and complete the withdrawal of the account balance.

Later, Yiyu also sent a message that he could help him pay 58888 yuan on his behalf and return it to him after the withdrawal was successful.

Mr. Xu, who was determined to withdraw money, transferred 130000 yuan to the other partys account and continued to bet on the game. When all the money in the software account is lost, the customer service will no longer contact Mr. Xu, and Yiyu will also blackmail it.

Police remind: after being cheated and reported, please listen to the polices tips and dont trust the so-called customer service. When you find any clues, please provide them to the police and stop the loss in time.

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