Shanxi black boss jailed like living in a hotel

 Shanxi black boss jailed like living in a hotel

Ren Aijun, nicknamed Xiao simio, has been a famous evil force in Taiyuan and even Shanxi since the 1990s. Ren Aijun was jailed twice: in 1994, he was sentenced to six years imprisonment for the crime of hooliganism, intentional injury and robbery. In 2002, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime of organizing and leading underworld organizations. In 2013, Ren Aijun was released from prison early because of commutation. After he was released from prison, Ren Aijun knew that fighting and killing could not work. He chose a more covert way and started the company.

Yang Feng, deputy leader of the first squadron and first squadron of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Taiyuan Public Security Bureau in Shanxi Province, said: the company has no actual operation. Basically, the employees in the company are his prison friends or the two labor released personnel. He uses the company as the shell to gather and deal with some social affairs.

Under the threat of Ren Aijun, the person in charge of stone city was forced to agree to mediate. With this incident, Ren Aijun revived his bad reputation, and some businessmen took the initiative to ingratiate himself in order to use Ren Aijun to obtain more social resources. In the meantime, a businessman once introduced Ren Aijun to invest in a mineral project, but the investment failed. Ren Aijun felt cheated by the other party.

Ren Aijun has a driver, said Qin Gang, deputy leader of the second squadron of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Taiyuan Public Security Bureau. Ren Aijun said, dare you break his leg? After returning to the company that night, his driver made an excuse, took up a car repair tool and hit the victims leg several times, resulting in the victims fracture.

Over the past few years, Ren Aijun repeatedly instructed his subordinates to make trouble, forced transactions, and illegally intrude into houses, so as to obtain huge economic benefits, and at the same time caused great panic to the local people. At the beginning of 2018, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the notice on carrying out the special struggle against underworld and evil, and Taiyuan police listed Ren Aijun and his gang as key targets of investigation. After he was released from prison, Ren Aijun became more covert and tried not to leave a handle on the police, which increased the difficulty in handling the case.

Due to the bad nature of the case, it was supervised by the national anti underworld office. After investigation and evidence collection, the police finally confirmed the evidence that the Aijun organization led the underworld. In February 2018, the police arrested Ren Aijun and other suspects.

In order to prevent the resurgence of the underworld organization, the ad hoc group made a financial and blood cut. Ren Aijun was sentenced twice in 1994 and 2002, among which he was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2002. However, Ren Aijun was able to continue to commit crimes after serving only 10 years and 2 months. Why is he so gifted? In the process of the trial, some comments on his early release from prison attracted the attention of the ad hoc group.

The investigation by Shanxi Provincial Commission for discipline inspection found that the network behind Ren Aijun was very complicated, involving many public servants from the public security organs, the law enforcement departments and the prison departments, and the number of them was unexpected. The reason why some evil forces have been fighting for a long time is that they have a deep relationship network and umbrella. In order to uproot the underworld and evil forces, this round of anti underworld and anti-corruption special struggle is also attacking the umbrella behind it.

Due to the long history of the case, a lot of evidence has been damaged and missing, and the investigation object has a strong anti reconnaissance ability, so the ad hoc group decided to take Ren Aijuns previous meritorious service and commutation in prison as a breakthrough point for investigation.

During Ren Aijuns sentence, there are two ways to apply for commutation: prison reform to obtain points and major meritorious service. From 2002 to 2013, Ren Aijun had four routine commutation and two records of major meritorious service, which had been used to the extreme.

Although Ren Aijun was in prison at that time, his influence outside the prison did not stop. It was mainly his lawyer Hao Mou and ex-wife Zhang Mou who ran for him desperately outside the prison.

After many kinds of care, Ren Aijuns points in prison are too much to use up, but his performance in prison is very bad. During his sentence in Fenyang prison, Ren Aijun acted as a prison bully and beat Wang, a prisoner in the same prison, after drinking for no reason. Because of unfair treatment in prison, Wang burned himself and burned 90% of his body. After the incident, Ren Aijun not only did not receive punishment, but also transferred to Jinzhong prison and submitted an application for commutation. The final sentence was reduced from indefinite to 18 years. According to the regulations at that time, the criminals involved in criminal syndicates and evils should be constantly replaced in prison, which was also fully utilized by Ren Aijun as the node of commutation.

Before the regular commutation period, Ren Aijun applied for significant meritorious service. In 2011, Ren Aijun reported a homicide outside prison.

Zhang Jianwen, a member of the May 17 special group of the supervision commission of Shanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, said: in 2004 and 2007, the prisoners in the same prison had already reported this case. When Xiao simio reported the case, he transferred the material to the police.

At that time, Xing Rui, vice president of the court of trial and prison of Linfen intermediate court, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing the sentence of Ren Aijun, he paid money for Ren Aijuns operation, and asked Ren Aijun to pay 300000 property penalty money, which raised the commutation to three years.

With more and more greetings, the circle of public servants serving Ren Aijun is also growing. Some leaders even visit Ren Aijun in prison. When Ren Aijun arrived at Quwo prison, his condition in the prison surprised the members of the ad hoc group.

Xue Jianye, a member of the May 17 special group of the supervision commission of Shanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, said: he has a single room, a small stove, a refrigerator and a computer in the prison. His people come to see him at any time, and there is a special warehouse for storing things. When he goes there, its like staying in a hotel. Everyone else is his waiter

At that time, Pei Junliang, the leader of the guard brigade of Quwo prison, created a special prison environment for Ren Aijun. After Ren Aijun was released from prison, Pei Junliang visited many times.

In principle, the procedure of commutation is complex, involving departments from the prison to the procuratorate to the court, which link can not find the problem of commutation successfully. However, in the process of operation, Ren Aijuns influence penetrated into all aspects, and eventually led to the occurrence of seven times of illegal commutation.

Breaking the net and taking umbrellas and digging into the corruption problems in all cases involving underworld and evil are the principles adhered to in this special struggle to eliminate underworld and evil.

In 2019, the national anti crime office has been listed to supervise and handle a large number of major cases involving gangs and evils, such as the Ren Aijun case. For some major cases, the national anti crime office has set up a major case supervision group to supervise and handle major cases, such as the sun Xiaoguo case, the Hunan playground burial case, and the four family cases in Hulan District of Harbin, Heilongjiang Province.

In 2019, Chinas anti underworld and anti-corruption activities maintained a strong momentum. A total of 1686 underworld related organizations were eliminated, with a year-on-year increase of 32%. 4618 criminal groups, 13757 criminal gangs and 1683 guns were seized. More than 278.6 billion yuan of assets involved in the case were seized, detained and frozen, with a year-on-year increase of 394%. 37855 cases involving gangs, evils, corruption and protective umbrella were investigated and dealt with, an increase of 172% over the same period of last year. 47579 people were dealt with, 32354 people were punished by Party discipline and government affairs, and 4938 people were transferred to judicial organs.

Li Yanhua, a first-class inspector of the comprehensive management supervision bureau of the central political and Legal Commission, said: the national anti crime office has opened a 12337 reporting platform, so that people can directly report corruption cases involving gangs and evils to the national anti crime office through mobile phones. The national anti crime office has also issued eight laws and policy documents to guide all localities to solve some specific problems for them in the process of handling special struggle cases of anti underworld and evil, so as to achieve a unified effect in judicial sentencing. In 2020, we should pay close attention to legal cases and make them iron cases, which can stand the test of history and law.

In 2019, the number of criminal cases registered nationwide will drop by 4.1%, the number of serious violence cases of eight categories will drop by 10.3%, and the number of gun related cases will drop by 34.6% Such data confirm the phased achievements of the anti-corruption campaign, show the obvious improvement of social security environment, and witness the solid pace of peaceful China. This year is the decisive year for the realization of the three-year goal of the special fight against the underworld and evil. We should focus on key industries and fields, clear up the stock, curb the increase, adhere to the principle of umbrella, breaking the net and cutting off blood, and work together to fight and build. Only in this way can we continuously advance in depth and eliminate evil.