An 18-year-old girl reported that the doctors chat content was terrible: talking about sex

 An 18-year-old girl reported that the doctors chat content was terrible: talking about sex

Xiaoyu micro blog reports a psychologists dirty words

Female high school students report

On July 2, 18-year-old Xiaoyu sent out a micro Blog Report. A psychologist who went to consult herself said a lot of dirty words in the wechat chat. After she clearly said that she didnt like it, it still didnt work. The other party still repeatedly mentioned the sex issue. The 32 year old psychologist, who has a family and just had a child, said it again and again.

On July 3, the Red Star News reporter learned that Xiaoyu was in high school in Qingdao. Due to family and emotional reasons, Xiaoyu had always felt depressed, depressed and irritable every day. She was unwilling to communicate with others and had nightmares. However, she did not dare to see a psychologist alone.

Accompanied by his classmates, on May 22, Xiaoyu finally came to Qingdao municipal hospital and registered as the clinical psychological clinic of East Hospital. At that time, the doctor was Doctor Zhang, at the beginning, I said I didnt know what to ask. Slowly, trust him. He said he would keep it secret, and then he thought that the doctor was very good, very gentle, and understood me very well. He could listen to me slowly Xiaoyu recalled the first time she went to see a psychologist. She said she was asked about the relationship between men and women at that time and was a little shocked.

The first consultation let Xiaoyu feel relaxed. However, after taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor, he was still miserable every day and broke down. After that, he went to the outpatient service four times in succession. When I went the second time, I wanted to ask him if there was any problem, so I asked him for a phone number and added wechat.

Xiaoyu said that at the beginning, the communication with Dr. Zhang was normal. Basically, he could say something every day, he is like a tree hole. I can tell him what happened to him. He will give me advice on the reaction of taking medicine and what has affected me every day. I just trust him very much.

About one day at the end of June, Xiaoyu received a message from Doctor Zhang, expressing the meaning of I like her and betrayed her trust. at that time, I wondered why the doctor did this, so I asked him if he had drunk. He said he drank a little, because the amount of alcohol is not good, I think he drank, but also quickly said that it was OK. Since then, the painting style of chatting has changed. He will talk about sex Xiaoyu told the Red Star News reporter that, out of trust, she would answer some questions at first, thinking that it might be about psychological problems. Later, the more she said it, the more she felt it was wrong. She repeatedly raised the hope that she would not talk about such topics.

Chat records with psychiatrists provided by Xiaoyu

According to the chat record provided by Xiaoyu, Doctor Zhang once sent a message saying, if one day, I really cant control my possession of you. After that, will you be angry and angry? If only the last step of intimacy happens. After Xiaoyu repeatedly expressed his admiration for the doctor and made it clear that he didnt want to talk about such a topic, Dr. Zhang said, I may be OK in a short time, but Ive had a long time. Ill say something popular I dont get up early without profit. Im a layman. I dont care about you so much after a long time.

Hospital official response

On July 4, the Red Star News reporter searched the official website of Qingdao municipal hospital and found that in April 2013, the hospital established a clinical psychology department, with 4 doctors, 1 chief physician, 1 deputy chief physician and 12 nurses. In the introduction of department experts, only two doctors profiles are listed, but Doctor Zhang is not in the list. But in the WeChat official account, he can also find Zhangs psychological guidance as a clinical psychological doctor.

The official account of the public hospital is about Dr. Zhangs article.

After Xiaoyu posted her microblog, the doctor also contacted her, saying, I dont know what I said is so harmful to you, maybe I said in the wrong way, I hope you can contact me to see how I express my apology, and proposed that the head of the Department of psychology would communicate with Xiaoyu to apologize.

On the afternoon of July 4, the Red Star News reporter contacted the relevant person in charge of the Department of psychology who communicated with Xiaoyu. The other party said that the relevant situation was what the microblog said. At present, the doctor surnamed Zhang had been suspended for investigation. In view of whether the doctor could establish private contact with patients, the person in charge hung up the phone for the reason of poor signal.

Lawyers statement

It should be regarded as sexual harassment, which does not constitute a criminal offence

Zeng Lingang, a lawyer from Sichuan Aonan law firm, said that sexual harassment is not a legal term in a strict sense, but a general term for harassment related to sexual aspects. However, it matches the relevant behaviors stipulated by law. As far as Doctor Zhangs behavior is concerned, it is not only in line with the traditional definition of sexual harassment, but also in line with the provisions of Article 42 (5) of the public security administration punishment law that repeatedly sending obscene, insulting, intimidating or other information to interfere with the normal life of others, so it should be regarded as sexual harassment.

In view of the fact that Dr. Zhangs behavior is limited to interfering with Xiaoyus life through the obscene language of wechat, according to the principle of legally prescribed crime and punishment, and the specific provisions of the criminal law, his behavior does not constitute a criminal offence.

Zhao Liyun, a lawyer from Taihe law firm, believes that sexual harassment generally refers to verbal actions with sexual suggestion. For the harassed object, it is usually the offenders body touching the victims gender characteristic parts, which hinders the victims freedom of behavior and triggers the victims resistance reaction. There is no unified definition of its manifestation.

Chat records between Xiaoyu and psychiatrist

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