Three commandments and three adaptations should be done in summer to regulate intestines and stomach

 Three commandments and three adaptations should be done in summer to regulate intestines and stomach

After saying three commandments, lets have a look at Sanyi.

One should eat more pickles. Pickles are selected from cabbage, cabbage, or Chinese cabbage and other seasonings, after soaking, fermented under the action of Lactobacillus. Pickle is salty and sour, crisp and tender in taste, bright in color and fragrant in the nose. It has the functions of appetizing, refreshing and greasy. It can not only increase appetite, help digestion, but also promote the absorption of iron element by human body. The fermentation of sauerkraut is the result of Lactobacillus decomposing sugars in Chinese cabbage to produce lactic acid. Lactic acid is a kind of organic acid, which can improve appetite and digestion after being absorbed by human body. At the same time, Chinese cabbage turns sour, and its nutrients are not easy to lose. In addition, the pickle tastes sour and has the effect of nourishing yin and promoting body fluid, which is quite suitable for the damage of Qi and Yin in summer.

Second, eat more mustard. In summer, the weather is hot and humid. All kinds of cold dishes, cold noodles or cold skin are easy to damage the spleen and stomach, resulting in the retention of moisture in the spleen and stomach. In addition to a variety of cold drinks and fruits, eat more will also produce wet phlegm, affect digestion. Mustard in traditional Chinese medicine, known as white mustard seed, has the effect of warming phlegm dampness. If you mix cold dishes, cold noodles or cold skin, add some mustard, one can seasoning, and the other can warm the spleen and stomach, help digestion, dispel dampness and phlegm. In addition, people who often eat mustard have an experience, that is, after eating mustard, a pungent flavor goes straight to the head. Although it is a little uncomfortable, it can make the mind clear afterwards. So people in summer, might as well eat more mustard.

Third, eat more beans. As we all know, mung bean has the effect of clearing away heat and relieving summer heat. And beans are rich in protein, but also contain unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of vitamins. Compared with saturated fatty acids in meat, unsaturated fatty acids are more beneficial to human body. In addition, in summer, bean sprouts are also good vegetables. Bean sprouts can be used as vegetables or soup. In the silk reeling factories of the old society, there was a rule that all workers working in the factory must eat bean sprouts every day. Why? Because the working environment of silk reeling factory is humid and sultry, and bean sprouts have the function of clearing away heat, relieving heat and removing dampness. Therefore, this can be said to be a kind of labor protection. Therefore, we should pay attention to the wet weather in summer.

Source: Peoples editor in charge: Geng Yuanyuan_ NJ5571